W/NW Sunday afternoon walk around the castle.

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  1. Dull afternoon. Sun and blue sky disappeared minutes before I arrived....
  2. awahlster

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    Which Castle Trevor? We saw as many as we could in the 10 days we were in England a couple of years ago.
  3. Trevor,

    Portchester Castle?

    The tower and the bridge over the inner moat could be anywhere, but the Roman walls in #2 make me think it is Portchester. Of course I could be wrong.

  4. Nice pictures Trevor. Which castle is this? Today I shot around Peel castle in the Isle of Man. It is quite similar to your subject. Unfortunately the "Sunset City" did not live up to its name today. Shooting film on a Canon A1 and Leica 111 so no pics so far.
  5. Portchester Castle. (Roman fort & warehouse/Saxon shore fort & Norman castle.) Was developed in different stages between around 260 ad up until the seventeenth century. The keep is 12th century (Henry I) and the Norman structure also contains a 14th Century Palace (Richard II).

    Archeological digs are showing much evidence of a fort/stronghold long before the Romans. It's strategic purpose was to defend Portsmouth Harbour.
  6. That is just a tiled arch to the church not a castle gateway.
  7. This is one of the original 4 gatehouses.
  8. Trevor,

    Thank you for sharing these photos, they are outstanding. It happens that my wife and I will be visiting London in about a week, and your post has motivated us to take a day trip to the Portchester area. Do you have any particular recommendations for day of week, time of day, etc? Perhaps a good pub? Other things to see in the area?

  9. awahlster

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    Thanks Trevor I didn't think it was one of the ones we visited.

    We went from London to Salisbury to Dover and then up to the Kings Lynn area (where my wife was born)

    As soon as I get the last trip paid off I'm going to start saving up to go back fascinating place for a guy from a small town in Oregon to visit.
  10. trevor, nice touch, i like the blackspot fungus on the rose foliage.
  11. Dennis, the castle is open until 4PM every day. More important is to keep an eye on the weather forecasts. There is a pub called the Cormorant in castle street Portchester which is reasonable for food and has a pleasant atmosphere and is only a minutes walk from the castle.
  12. Trevor,

    Thank you, we've found Portchester in our tour books and it is now on our tour. You can be sure I'll try the pub; that might even make up for less than ideal shooting weather.

    Looking forward to your future posts,
    Leesburg, Virginia
  13. Trevor - this is one I have missed, so thanks.

    For anyone planning on visiting this area I would suggest it worthwhile to include Portsmouth in your itinerary - buildings, dockyards, ships ancient and modern etc. etc. I know it is a "tourist trap" but it is worth putting up with that ( especially if you are like me, a Nelson addict ).
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    Wow! Thanks, Trevor. Really nice photography.

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