W/NW: Spring

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by paul hart, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. M8+90 Macro-Elmar-M+Macro Adapter
  2. Very nice. Can you post a 100% crop?
  3. OK Sheldon, here it is. Other details: ISO640, 1/180 sec, f11, handheld and using the angle- viewer.
    155/393059988_6b8af8fcea.jpg</ a>
  4. Paul, wonderful shot. Where I am, it is 12 degrees and my flower bed is under 2 feet of snow and flowers are months away. Is it possible to mount an M8 on a Visoflex for macro work?
  5. Christopher. I believe that the Visoflex can mount. I don't know if the shutter
    arm lever is matched, but that doesn't really matter for tripod mounted work.
    Visoflex should also work for long lenses. I would be careful mounting the
    Viso II (if not the III), unless the arm is in a raised position.
  6. Very nice, Paul. Is this a JPEG capture or DNG? Was there any adjustment? I've just taken delivery of my M8 and haven't loaded Capture One yet. My unadjusted JPEG images seem a little yellow. What do you think?

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