W/NW: Spring by Noctilux

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by paul hart, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. The forum has been a bit quiet lately, IMHO. It's time to get the Noctilux out and snap spring at f1. Here's a grabbed shot from today. Let other Noctilux users get out there and strut their springtime stuff...
  2. Illustrative, though not aesthetically pleasing (to me at least), example of f/1 bokeh. Because a lens has f/1 doesn't mean it has to be used at that aperture.
  3. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/
    </ center>
  4. Can anyone play? cool shot Paul.
  5. I can't. Any inkling I had for a Noctilux is now gone after checking out my 50/0.95 Canon TV lens: http://www.photo.net/photo/5764487

    (which is now getting a mount and a RF cam)

    and among the other f/1 lenses that I have, a 100mm f/1 beast is best suited for a reflex camera:

  6. Pretty nice Vivek.
  7. Thank you, Jack!

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