W/NW Some wedding shots with Minox 35GT Camera

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm taken some photos with my Minox 35GT camera last weekend. I'm using Ilford HP5 film set 800ASA and Minox FC-35 flash. The ballroom was very dark when I shoot. Then I'm decide to set camera 800ASA. The results are fine. But I think, I need more powerful flash. I'm development the film Kodak D76 1+0, scan with Epson Perfection 4490. Have a nice weekend.
    Tolga ANIL
    Ankara / TURKEY
  2. All photos taken in my friends wedding dinner.
  3. Ankara / Turkey.
  4. another one
  5. My friends...
  6. Arda & Burcu
  7. Taken with Minox 35GT
  8. Dance is start...
  9. With uncle...
  10. Our friends and my wife...Sitting on the left side...
  11. Heyy, this is me, I'm in the left side...
  12. Again Burcu...Happy end...
  13. The "our friends" shot has, I believe, the most wonderful tonality - the perfect balance of flash output, camera f-stop, development of negative, and scanning... just brilliant! There is a maximal formula for your ends. You've come upon it, or close to it, in a number of these examples. The most difficult technical hurdle with a small flash in a large room with a white wedding dress is to find that maximal combination. You need to stay within the limited distance the flash was designed to cover, at the "sweet spot" of your lens - probably f/5.6 to f/8. That comfortable distance changes by the factor of +1.4 with every doubling of your film ISO. (This information was shared at a 1973 Nikon School of Photography session in Milwaukee, and never forgotten) In the "old days" wedding photographers did a lot of formula shooting. With press graphic cameras and large flashbulbs exposing slow sheet film, the formula for photojournalism was "f/8 and be there!" Maybe your formula with this camera's small flash and ISO 500 is "within six to eight feet and be there!" If you're developing your own negatives, old wisdom is to expose for the highlights (Not too much, to avoid burning out the white dress) and develop for the shadows (also slightly pulling up the skin tones). I've enjoyed viewing your work!
  14. I'm always astounded by the clarity and sharpness from the fabulous minotar lens.
    Lovely pictures in a difficult situation and very good control of grain.
    Thanks for sharing them.

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