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  1. This was my first time shooting with a borrowed polarizer - not sure if I understand/understood how to use it properly, and also not sure if I like the results. Since I don't have the same shots without polarizer, I have no way of comparing. Perhaps some of you have examples that you'd like to share, and maybe convince me to buy a polarizer (of course, having it handy and using it is another matter).

  2. Pics don't load.

    Polarizers can be very useful for reducing reflections and thereby bringing out colors.
  3. Pbase server is down. The pics should be visible when the server is back up.
  4. Now I can see the pics again.
  5. <img src = http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/4164686-lg.jpg>
  6. Alternatively learn to use the natural polarisation of the sky (90 degrees to a line between you and the sun)...
    Digital P&S with no polariser
  7. Or use photoshop.... [​IMG]
  8. Or aim right into where the sun is to darken surrounding sky....
  9. Or shoot from low down to cut out the horizon. Horizon sky is always paler and hazier and higher up usually bluer..
  10. I find your last tip most valuable. Also a very nice pic.

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