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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by Nowhereman, Nov 3, 2007.

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  2. Spearhead

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    Down, Copyright 2007 Jeff Spirer
  3. Mitch, Nice shot. I have been playing with the technique that appears in your photo. I have been waiting for the subject to make eye contact and then exposing at that moment.
  4. Jeff he's down, but not out. Did he continue, and if so, how did he do? He doesn't look hurt in the photo. No blood, no swelling, no broken nose, not even a cut lip. This must be one hell of a sissy sport? I mean the guy looks prettier than Ali before Ali ever got hit. Or maybe he just missed the chair between rounds. Are you sure the fight had started;maybe he was just relaxing before the fight? You know I'm kidding, right?
  5. Jeff: the lighting is great on your shot. There is at least 1 light rim lighting his right shoulder, and possibly the same light lighting the back of his head. A second light lights his left face + creats highlights in the eyes, the shadow on the left side of his face is created by his glove. Question, is this natural lighting , or were you allowed to set up stobes? In either case the lighting is very nice.
  6. Should be shadow on the right side of face
  7. <img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2220/1771953463_03a0768acd.jpg?v=0">
  8. it


    <img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2049/1802035795_d77f72844d_o.jpg">
  9. Jeff, that's an excellent photo.
    My guy here is also down, but he bounced back up to win this match.
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    John, I would guess that he went down from an early hit. I should go back through my photos and check if he lost, I think he did.

    This was an outdoor ring with stadium lighting set up. A lot of the light was for video. The event was broadcast live on Thai TV and ran on pay-per-view in the US last month. The lighting was terrific for shots like this, but I have the lights in a number of the stand-up shots.
  11. ian, that's a wonderful photo.
  12. <img src="http://www.konermann.net/pics4web/P1040125.yellow.web.jpg">
  13. Hi Lutz!
    An out of collimation 50/0.95 at f/0.95, Epson R-D1s, focus adjusted
  14. Mitch, I'm really loving your photos from Paris. You're an excellent photographer.
  15. What lens is that on your M2, James?
  16. Nice still life, James, great light
    Mitch nice.
  17. Summicron 50mm, Leica M3, Ilford 125ASA. Shutter speed 1000, f5.6
  18. Bob, that's a Canon 35/1.8 LTM lens. Thanks, Barry.

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