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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by Nowhereman, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]
    Bangkok | Ricoh GX100
  2. Chinatown, SF.
  3. [​IMG]
    Rosebud suckers (aphids)
  4. it


    <img src="http://www.iantaylor.ca/images/eva.jpg">
  5. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    The Last Crawl, Copyright 2007 Jeff Spirer
  6. http://www.photo.net/bboard/uploaded-file?
    Texas State Fair (day before opening) Leica D-Lux3</ center>
  7. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

  8. Eric, that's really good. And Vivek, I always like your bug pictures; if those are aphids the picture must be something like 3x life size!
  9. By the way, is it just my imagination, or is the POTW thread moving backwards in time as the year gets older? Didn't it previously start Sunday morning US time?
  10. Good stuff this week...
  11. >>>By the way, is it just my imagination, or is the POTW thread moving backwards in time as
    the year gets older? Didn't it previously start Sunday morning US time?<<<

    Last I heard the US wasn't necessarily the cetre of the world. I started it Sunday morning
    Bangkok time -- not the centre of the world either.

  12. I wasn't complaining; at my age one just begins questioning one's memory.
  13. And I didn't mean for my post to sound hostile...it's just that I usually find it more
    conventient to post Sunday morning than Sunday night.
  14. bob, i think that increasing your caffeine intake on the weekend may enable you to keep up with the variable pace of the pow....still waiting for that first cool front....
  15. This is Mr. Higashiyama, master baker, the owner of Est Royal bakery and cafe in Motomachi, Kobe. The print is by Tom Abrahamsson and is a present to him from Tom and Tuulikki.
  16. [​IMG]
    Frenchtown, NJ
  17. You know, you're a mind reader, Skeeter. I've had no coffee all day. No wonder I have a headache.
  18. perhaps we should rendezvous for a latte next weekend...
  19. nice one jeff...
  20. actually, they are *all* nice....
  21. [​IMG]
    Moscow Airport, 5am
    M6 : Delta 100
  22. http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1333/
  23. Mike, Mitch, the competition is on boys!
  24. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Competition for what?
  25. Joel Aron; your photograph could double as a paper on this family's dynamics. A fella can spend a lot of time looking and wondering. Way cool.
  26. Thank you Jack Lo!
  27. [​IMG]
    Selfportrait under a Vivek`s environment
  28. Bob, They are close to 5X in magnification (A Luminar 40/4.5 lens). Still not happy about the outcome from that session. Experimenting with the lighting. At an effective aperture of f/120 or so, diffraction mushed up the details. Thanks, as always! :)

    Jose, You seem about my age! ..and Eric~, good to see you..

    Nice work everyone.
  29. Mitch, does that mean you are willing to take over starting the thread every week? If so, I'm happy to relinquish the responsibility to you.
    Hexar RF, ZM Biogon 35, Delta 400, Tmax Dev | Matt Alofs www.1pt4.com
    Eric, that's a lovely photo.
  30. Matt, I had no idea that this was so highly organized, that it was a responsibility.Can't we just
    leave it loose?

  31. Hello! Mitch, It's been organized for years...you mean when you have something to
    contribute you want to start the thread? Sure... whatever.
  32. It's been a fairly organized thing for at least the last couple of years, to the extent that when one person decided to quit starting the thread, they arranged for someone else to take over. It's been passed down through probably half a dozen people while I've been around. It doesn't have to stay that organized, but I think for some people this is the only time they share photos, so it would suck if that were to go away from lack of organization.
  33. so it would suck if that were to go away from lack of organization. Hmm, i've always thought the photo thing was a choatic reaction from the daily gear pounding stuff. Sort of some folks remembering you can use them to take photos. Who starts threads is a minor matter....nice to see folks taking an interest in the photo thing.
  34. OK ... so a naive question. Some shots on picture-of-the-week in the leica&rangefinder forum are actually DSLRs (e.g. 5D, D2X)... is this de facto permission for everyone to do this, or only for a few 'royalty' ?

    I'm not trying to rock the boat ... just honestly asking
  35. "Some shots on picture-of-the-week in the leica&rangefinder forum are actually DSLRs (e.g. 5D, D2X)... is this de facto permission for everyone to do this"

    Quite a few of the photos, in fact. And I was in the process of typing this exact question when digi mon's post appeared. And also, just curious, as we're discussing the organization of this weekly event.
  36. forum are actually DSLRs (e.g. 5D, D2X)...

    There's a lot of wickeness on the Leica forum, digi. I can only suggest you turn aside, and remember the wise words in the good books.

    It has always been so....Leica users spread their love to everybody, even the infidel unbelievers.
  37. Shoot - sorry, guys! Wonder what I did wrong? My photo is uploaded here (valid link): http://www.photo.net/photo/6478944 I replied w/ HTML like so: [​IMG] But the photo didn't post - huh. Any suggestions? Sorry to be so dumb.... -Mark
  38. OK so what then is the mandate of this forum and of picture-of-the-week? Is it pictures
    (leica/rangefinder or not) from photographers who are "also" leica/rangefinder photogs and
    who happen to take some good non-leica/rangefinder photos once in a while, or is it
    something more confusing - a forum for an "in-group" to share photos?
  39. Do not despair,Digi and john.You receive extra blessings and love if you post Leica photos.
  40. Mark, here you go:
    Mark Brennan's photograph
  41. Very,nice.Mark.
  42. Mark B - Here's what I typed: [​IMG] Then I selected "HTML" from the drop-down menu. That took me to a preview of the photo. No preview = no good. If the preview is ok, you hit "Confirm." Note: The exact url of your photo is not the page on which your photo appears on photo.net. The url is obtained by right clicking (Mac: control click) on the photo itself. Then when the Properties info appears you copy the part marked "Location." That is the url of the photo.
  43. Rui - Dirtrucks
  44. Rui, Dirtrucks - Konica Hexar RF, Vo林lander Ultron 35mm/1.7, Ilford HP5+
  45. How can I manage to have the picture on the page ?
  46. Eric, look at Michael's posting at 06:23 p.m.
  47. Yeahhh ! Finally I got it right !
    Many thanks !
  48. Michael -

    Thanks, think I got it; sorry for repost:

    <center><img src="http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/6478944-md.jpg">/<center>
  49. Allen -

    Many thanks.


    Thanks again, Michael - much appreciated!
  50. For what it's worth-probly not much-here's what I think;

    The Pic of the Week is properly a kind of discipline where you make yourself come up with one photo per week that you feel is hopefully good enuff to show other members, represents where you're at at that point in time, how you're shooting. I think the numbering is important even. Just to keep track of the passage of weeks.

    If it gets too loosey-goosey in terms of who the presenter is, you get double P.O.W. posts some weeks, and other weeks, none until late Sunday or early Monday, and as a result some folks misses it entirely.

    It could be compared to a pick-up game of some sport which is held on Saturdays. There is usually one person who calls everyone to make sure there are enuff players.If he/she's outa town, he/she sees that someone else does the job.

    I like it better more organised, even tho' that is contrary to my nature. And I really really liked it when the bright intelligent face of Matt's girlfriend began my Sundays at the computer.
  51. Again for what it's worth, my take on the Leica v. DSLR v. what-ever, is that most of us use Leicas, a large percentage of the pics here were taken with Leicas (not mine this week), it's always been that way here, and it's unenforceable anyhow.
  52. Non-Leica shot. Non-this week taken.
  53. Titillating!


    "Less is More."

  54. Peter Mead: Very good shot.
  55. Peter A, Oct 01, 2007; 10:27 a.m.

    Very good shot, too... [...we have Border Collies...]



  56. Alex, thanks.

    Johnny, cropped so the eyetrail didn't go to hell. Shot on that movie camera film that was so popular back in the 80's. Scans nice.
  57. Sorry for being late to the party but I have been biking this weekend. Btw I think Jeff's picture is an absolute classic.
    R6.2, 80mm 'lux, E100G
  58. Johnnycake - we breed really clever 'black angus' -:) ( Kelpies for cattle)

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