W/NW Pic- O'The-Week #26

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  1. Hi and happy Friday. Keeping it short...post your pics..you know you want to, resistance is futile:). Start with 1 from down town LA. Let's see yours.[​IMG]
  2. Leica M-P 240, 50mm Asph Summilux
    Botanic Gardens, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  3. So, I will pollute the site. But only to give context. This shot is of a bunch of my and my spouses' ageing church, but it's too large to show up, other than a link. Done with an M6, FP4, developed in ilfosol. Zeiss 35mm lens, most likely at f5.6 (it's my port of call for any lens I use). Scanned on an epson flatbed. Bit of veiling flare. And blown out highlights. And for the life of me (and I would take instruction about this), I can't get it small enough to post sensibly. A youngster was being baptised in our local river last weekend - mad as a meat axe, if you ask me; we get bull sharks here. So to give context, I reprehensibly add a photo from a non-rangefinder. The moderator will no doubt expunge it. It's a nice piece of local ethnography, though. There are people out there, you know, like this, here in the hinterland of the mid north coast of NSW, Australia. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1). Not sure if this will work, but the primary image is photo1.jpeg - I hope it's here.


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  4. Just off Victoria Drive, in Vancouver (East Side) are a number of lovely Victorian style houses, many with amazing gardens. This doorway caught my eye.
    Summicron 35mm, M10.

  5. Adam_herbert|1, where is this?. It's a good shot. And stric, how well done. Really good. You should bde proud.Really evocative. Michael-levy|3, you're ethnography of Vancouver and its changes has enraptured me: I spent a few months in Vancouver at the start of this century - with the IRB, as part of my doctoral program, I think it was west second street, not sure, where I had an apartment. It was beautiful, magic. Keep it up.
    Arthur (apiarist1)
  6. Thanks Arthur this was over in Cape Verde, we had hired a pickup truck and really gone off the beaten track when I saw this opportunity, It was towards the end of the day and it was my last shot of the day.
  7. Leica M-P 240, 50mm Asph Summilux @ ~f/5.6

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