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  1. Well at last our p.net calendar catches up at years end and the world didn't end...yet. So last chance to show your favorite pic. This week, we can share with up to 3 images each. How about a weeks favorite and then if you have a couple favorites for the whole year, can be repeats. You may want to take a couple days for your 2nd and 3rd pics to sort out your favorite yearly pics. I'll start off with a pic to celebrate either 2012 getting ready to fly away, or 2013 ready to take off. Contax G2 and 35mm Enjoy! and Happy New Year to all. Have enjoyed the craic and photography all year. [​IMG]
  2. Happy New Year to all Leica/RF Forum members! It's great seeing everyones work each week.
    Konica Auto S2, Tmax400
  3. Here are a couple from this past year I liked
  4. And one more...
  5. Steve Finishing a Banjo Neck
    Canon TL-QL / FL 2.5/35mm / 4x Yellow Filter / Delta 100 / DD-X (1+4) @ 12 min.

    Click through to read the story...
  6. Workshop
    Canon TL-QL / FL 2.5/35mm / 4x Yellow Filter / Delta 100 / DD-X (1+4) @ 12 min.
  7. Mainline and Razor Wire
    Leica M6 'Wetzlar' / 50mm Summicron ver. IV / 4x Yellow Filter / Neopan ACROS 100 / DD-X (1+4) @ 9 min.
  8. This week marks one whole year that I have been taking photos. When I began 2012 with a IIIc I knew virtually nothing
    about film photography. I didn't even know how to operate the IIIc! I was motivated by the allure of a challenge (and I
    have found it).

    In the past year I have seen my photography improve. I began with cliche subjects like shoes hanging from telephone
    lines and have graduated to cliche photos of old automobiles. My best photos have people in them yet I am too timid to
    approach strangers for a photo. I started developing B&W this year and find it VERY gratifying. When a roll or frame gets
    botched I have only myself to blame. Despite my improvement there is so much more to learn and to do!

    I am grateful to all of the regular members of this group, without whom I never would have progressed as far as I have. I
    enjoy your camaraderie, taste, and the benefit of your collective wisdom.

    Thank you!
  9. Before I post any pics I want to say that you have done and are doing a great Jo b. Thank you.
  10. Mahon, Minorca, Fuji x100...
  11. Mahon, Minorca, Fuji x100...
  12. Traveling during holidays with Leica MP and Fujifilm xX-Pro 1. There is plenty of film shots but they'll have to wait to be developed. In the meantime here are some non-Leica and non-RF shots. Happy New Year everyone.

    El Born, Barcelona
    Torre Agbar, Barcelona
    Pavelló Mies van der Rohe, Barcelona
  13. Orchard Rd, Singapore, Nex 5n + 21mm Asph Elmarit
  14. This week ...
  15. One I liked ....
  16. Nappy New Year everyone! Jim, I never would have have pegged you for a beginner. Very nice work. My three are from the same roll and shot last Sunday with a Nikkormatt FT3, Fuji Acros, ISO 6, ZoneSimple Extreme. This one is with the 180mm f2.8 ED.
  17. Yes, Congratulations Jim. I loved the fresh tonality of your first IIIc shots here. This next is maybe my best for a while.
  18. Another with the 180mm
  19. One with the 105mm f 2.5.
  20. My favorite from this year. Mamiya 6MF. Mr. Kin Yu took time out to comment at length on this photo, and I want to thank him for that in particular. To paraphrase Madonna: any publicity is good publicity. Happy New Year everyone!
  21. It snowing outside...This seems an apt photo to post.
  22. Nothing decent from this week. Nothing decent from this year, for that matter. I have scanning some of the older negatives and slides. The below three came from the recent scans. Only one was taken this year. The other two, a little earlier. Apologies for the black borders. I didn't bother cropping out the slide mount.
    Coney Island, 2012 (Leica MP + Leica Summilux 35/1.4)
    Governor's Island, 2009 (Leica MP + Zeiss C Biogon 21/4.5)
    Newark, 2011 (Leica MP + Leica Elmar 35/3.5 LTM)
  23. Thank you Alex, Charlie, and Richard. Also, a big thanks to Mukul who has helped me via email and been outspoken when he thought a composition didn't work. The quality of photos posted here each week are inspirational and the community is friendly.
  24. Los Angeles Int'l Airport main entrance, Century Blvd
    Canon III Rangefinder, 50/1.9 Serenar on T400CN
  25. Jim, that's great. Would have never thought that was the case.
  26. Thank you, Barry. It is nice to know that my photos do not shout that I am a noob. Poor Mukul, he has fielded some
    ridiculously noobish questions from me. Nevertheless, it has been a really satisfying year.
  27. Great stuff, friends!
  28. Leica M9 w/ Summitar 50/2 @ ISO 800 pressed against a rainy window
  29. Indeed, happy New Year to everyone! Another lovely year in the books. Another yet on the way. As for photography, it is a privilege to enjoy everyone's work here week after week. Barry, thanks for doing what you do, and for keeping us straight!
    My final PAW image for 2012...
    "Christmas Morning"
    Leica Monochrom, Noctilux, iso 800, 1/125 at f0.95
    And my two favorite images from the year...
  30. Very cool Josiah. Has an Ernst Haas feel to it.
  31. Best one this week:

    M9, 50 'lux.
  32. and my favorite for the year:
    M9, 50 'lux
  33. A niece with her sister's son.
  34. The niece's own daughter.
  35. Great shtuff... really.. here' from February of the So Cal tableaux. [​IMG]
  36. Late, as usual.....happy new year everyone!
  37. A favorite from early this year
  38. And a last one...
  39. Lugwig,
    Nice pictures and great use of the CLE!
  40. Some great pictures. Barry I well remember that amazing cultural document of the accoutrements of the Californian
    beach goers. And your first is strangely reminiscent of that amazing first photograph by the photographer of the Wright
    brothers' plane.
  41. Yes, neither one of them flew very far :)

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