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  1. Friday night, a good time to start the pic o'the week thread. Please post your favorite single pic. It seems that Spring has sprung, and there's a lift in the air. This one was taken at LACMA last weekend where I went to see a too small Daiado Moriyama exhibit as well as a too large Robert Adams exhibit. Kids were playing and having fun..... GRD 2 [​IMG]
  2. Beautiful photograph Steve.
  3. M9 + Summicron 28/2 Asph.
  4. Fuji X Pro1 with 35mm f1.4 Fujinon
  5. Hot day
  6. Alex, love the matching yellow tones. Nice shot.
  7. Thank you Mikal !
  8. Still exploring the D-Lux 4. Remarkable little thing.
  9. Sony NEX 5n, Canon LTM 50mm f/1.4, ISO 3200
    Continuing my experiments in using my old LTM rangefinder lenses on a digital camera. The great low light capabilities of the 5n chip and high speed of the Canon make a good available light team.
    This was shot last weekend while attending Vaisakhi, the Sikh festival of commitment, hope and renewal.
  10. Barry, great shot! The kids were probably fueled by spaghetti-fantasies :)
    Louis, this is one truly classic portrait. Beautiful work.
    I'm re-discovering older shots - a trial-version of Silver Efex offers undreamt-of-possibilities.
  11. Sidewalk Sale, Santa Cruz, CA
  12. From a couple weeks ago.. M2, Canon 85mm f1.5. Fuji Acros (ISO 6) ZoneSimple Extreme.
  13. This is a stall along a rural Indian road. The fellow was selling roasted peanuts and puffed rice which he made using a pan of heated sand. Leica M4, 21mm Super Angulon, Fuji 400pro.
  14. Myrtle Creek, Or.
  15. McKinney Falls
  16. Thank you, Georg.
  17. What I was taking a photo of...
    M6 Wetzlar - 50mm Summicron Type IV - x2 Yellow filter -Ilford HP5+ - Delf Dev - HC-110 B

    Who was behind me thinking I was a terrorist...
    Mall Cop
    M6 Wetzlar - 50mm Summicron Type IV - x2 Yellow filter -Ilford HP5+ - Delf Dev - HC-110 B
  18. Spring time Lamium.
  19. Astia 100F
  20. Very funny, Jim.
  21. Hehehe!
    Mall Cop: [assertive, mildly threatening voice] What are you doing?
    Me: [smiling broadly throughout] What does it look like I am doing?
    Mall Cop: Don’t get smart! What are you doing?
    Me: This is a camera. Now, what do you think I am doing?
    Mall Cop: What are you doing with that video?!
    Me: [laughing] It’s not a video. It’s a camera.
    Mall Cop: Who are you with?!
    Me: [looking around and smiling] I’m with you!
    It went on and on until I pointed out I was on a public easement for a highway, then he backed off reluctantly. :-D
  22. Thanks Georg, funny story Jim, so you were shooting the sign and sky when he came up to you? That seems sinister..
  23. Barry, that's right. I was on my lunch break and walked out of the restaurant and saw the sign near the highway that I wanted to photograph. I stood on the easement and was taking a few photos of the sky, the sign, and the bricks on the raised wall of the highway. I hadn't set out to do any of this, I just saw it and shot it. I had not shot any photos of people or of the property I had just exited.

    So I'm framing the shot I posted here and notice this fellow standing behind me. I hope the dialog that I posted above doesn't make me seem like a jerk-- I was smiling, incredulously, the entire time. If anything, I was gently teasing him for trying to bully me.

    He told me that the owners of the strip mall, Simon Properties, have a strict rule against taking photographs on their property. I teased him a bit for trying to enforce such a strange rule, what with all the camera phones about . Of course, those are their rules on their property and that is okay with me. Who wants to take photos of malls?!

    So when he realized I was having my way with him he threatened to call the police. That is when I pointed out that I was on a public easement and not on Simon property. He could call the police and I could make big trouble for him.

    In the end, I never answered any of his questions and he scampered off to his Jeep, tail between his legs.

    I've been asked by people several times what I am taking photos of and they have always approached me with respect and received respect in kind. I've had everything from cordial conversations to enthusiastic and engaging conversations with people. This fellow was spoiling for an argument and all he got was a fat, balding guy with a camera laughing at him. For my part, I had a great time and even got a photo of him that I really like. :-D
  24. That's right. I nearly missed that obvious fact. Good shot of him too.
  25. I am so glad the w/nw thread format has endured. I remember the very first one.... Also glad that Alex is still here and still taking fine
  26. Georg, your shot is really nice.
  27. "Town Hall"
    M9, Noctilux, 6-stop ND filter, iso 160, 1/500 at f1
  28. An old scan from the days in Minnesota. Parking job behind Barbette, one of my favorite hang-outs in Minneapolis (Leica MP, 35mm Summilux f/1.4 ASPH, and some old expired consumer level film).
  29. Thanks, Richard! It's dark and contrasty but I like it. I think it could represent every mall cop. I'm really glad to have a resource like this to share and learn from others using same/similar equipment. I am awestruck by many of the the photos I see here each week.
  30. Emir, I like everything about your photo—composition, colors and mood, lots of interesting things to look at and think about. It reminds me of an old friend who was nutty enough to ride a track bike on the streets of Detroit.
  31. older scan :
  32. Roger M, may be it's time for a paradigmatic shift.
    We could call them as well p/np*. It would hold true through the classical invention, as it was
    dialectic per se.
    Just a little cultural revolution applied. Modern times!
    Well, maybe now you'll recommend me to the photosophical forum...
    *"pic/no pic" as opposed to "words/no words"
    Ah, for sure, what happened to me when I was taking innocent pics of a mall in Dagestan? A fellow inmate could snap this away as the bars were not too narrow.
    Luck I had a good wire to the chef of the government kitchen, which took me out of there in less than one week.

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