W/NW Pic of the Week # 10

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  1. Howdy, try your solo pic of the week here...
    To start an old photo taken with probably N M6, 35 Summicron and Tri X....
  2. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    I've been photographing Samantha at least a couple times a year since I first shot her in a runway fashion show.
    Samantha, Copyright 2010 Jeff Spirer
  3. This is from a series on the arcade under Japan Railway between its Kobe and Motomachi stations. Toward Kobe station the shops tend to be rundown and many are closed. Near the Motomachi station the shops are newer and more trendy. This was shot near the middle, where there is a predominance of junk, though much of it is high-end junk.
  4. Tom, our local Leica rep...
  5. [​IMG] Leica MP, 35mm 'cron w/ orange filter, BW400CN, toned in Photoshop
  6. IIIf | Summitar | Ektar 100


    Skylight Detail - Leominster Public Library
  7. khi


  8. Los Angeles
  9. Steve, ever thought of posting your work on RedBubble? I'm sure it would sell.
  10. Samsudin
  11. Gary, thanks... Redbubble! never heard of it... but like many others here (all?) I just do it for fun (a very expensive hobby!)
  12. Steve, excellent photograph! very rarely seen a print quality like this nowadays. do not sell it, keep :)
  13. Steve, if you do post on RedBubble let me know. Seriously, I've coveted a print of the "giant flying panda" for quite a while!
  14. Gary... it's in my book (just self published)
    and available here...
    I'm working on coding a website at the moment, prints will be available soon.
    got a nice image today, looking forward to posting it next week
  15. Steve, just ordered a copy!
  16. Lovely photo Jeff. lighting, make-up, cloths all rock..
  17. [​IMG]
    I have been photographing B once a year since high school began for her - she completed her undergraduate degree with honours last year.
  18. E-P2 with 50mm Dual Range w/eyes at f2 using Novatron adapter, the only one I know of that lets you mount the Dual range.
  19. Florence at dusk
  20. Steve, just ordered a copy.
  21. Cheers Gary/Barry...
    I get £3 from every sale (that's 2 beers I can afford now ;-)... when I order here from the UK, the books are printed in Holland and I'm amazed at the quality (as good as any fine art litho printed book I have)... When you order from the US, it will be printed there, I'd be interested to know if the quality is up to scratch, so please let me know.
  22. Will do Steve.
  23. Shanghai Airport - The Waiting Game
  24. Nice image, Yee. Love the out of focus ceiling. Did you use the 50mm 1.1 Nokton?
  25. Very nice Yee, very nice indeed.

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