W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #50

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  1. Here we are barreling towards the New Year. A few more chances to add to the thread. Don't be shy, sharing is good for the soul. So I present you with a couple of my in the genre of "urban grungiality". These were taken with Leica film cameras and lenses.
    [​IMG]Untitled by Barry Fisher

    [​IMG]Untitled by Barry Fisher
  2. SJC at the train station.

    Leica M1/6 FrankenLeica, 50mm Collapsible Summicron. Portra 160 (B&W conversion in Photoshop).
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  3. Never mind the building and the foliage -- I want to see what a Leica M1/6 FrankenLeica looks like! More of a kludge than a specialized piece of equipment, perhaps, but it ought to be interesting looking.
  4. Yes, camera porn!
  5. I posted two pics of "FrankenLeica" in last week's N/NW (week 49). Here's another. ...

  6. The real deal. post.jpg
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  7. Leica M262 and 35mm f2.4 Summarit. Close to last of the color along White Rock Creek.

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  8. and a monochrome conversion, with the same outfit.

  9. M4, Summarit 50mm, Delta100, Xtol1:1/Rodinal 1+100.
    day in the life of americana.jpg
  10. Summicron 75mm. Kits beach, foggy morning.


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