W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #46

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  1. Welcome to the POW week 46. Last couple of weeks have had many fine pics so to continue, I'll start with another from NYC with a Leica M7 and 35mm Summicron. Let's see yours!
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  2. 43308972-71A1-4E23-9554-5B5A84FCDBD4.jpeg

    Canon P 50mm f2.8
  3. Two cool photos to start the ball rolling...
  4. 75mm Summicron, M10. 3200 block, Main Street, Vancouver. PS: I sent this lens back to Leica for warranty repair (it was back-focussing about 10cm). There might have been something else wrong with it too, because it so much better now! Moral of story: even new Leica lenses may have defects.

  5. Great shot Uhooru. And Allen Herbert, your b&w is rivetting. How was it done. I like the colour shot, but mot so much, it sadly reminds me of the Heidelberg school here in Oz, and the early Turner (before he lost most of his sight). Well done Michael_levy|3, glad the repair worked out - that is a good shot. My shots are limited. The first is of a waitperson at my local returned serviceman's club; the second, and this will take some telling - when I, in late age married my gracious wife, now about six years ago, we planted a mini 'rainforest' at the side of our house. This is a Davidson's Plum, and lo and behold, it has flowered this year - but the flowers are on the trunk. Never seen that before. If they fruit, I will post a further photo. The third are of a lovely couple we met on our first night in Hobart, on our recent holiday - isn't life the strangest thing you've ever seen. Pull out a camera, and the world wants to converse with you. All with monochrom m and that wonderful jupiter 50mm lens - it's amazing that the Russkies did this - their current GDP is about the same as Oz's. LOL. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1) MONO1464-2.jpg MONO1469.jpg MONO1359.jpg
  6. Leica M-P 240, 50mm ZM Planar T*
    Mission San Juan Capistrano, CA
  7. Leica M-P 240, 25mm Biogon ZM
    Vietnam War Memorial, Phoenix, AZ
  8. Billblackwellphotography, your first shot is good. I liked it because it brought some memories for me of new colleges' chapel and its cloisters. Tugged a heart string. Lovely photos. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  9. It would take me an eternity, billblackwellphotography, to find my shots of new college's cloisters. I did a semester there, as part of my law degree, now nearly two decades ago. I would love to revisit Oxford. Your photo calls me to that. Thank you, billblackwellphotography. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  10. That's in my neck of the suburban jungle Bill.
  11. Yes - we're in close proximity. We should hang out and shoot someday. I'll PM you. ...
  12. Washington Street Tunnel, Spokane Washington

    Canon 7, 50mm f/1.2 Canon LTM Lens, P3200TMZ pushed to 6400 with HC-110B

  13. Leica M10, 50/2 Summicron, Gibbs Gardens Japanese Garden.

  14. Leica M3, 35mm Summicron, Tri-X

  15. Leica M-P 240, 50mm Asph Summilux
    Botanic Gardens, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  16. Bought a Artisan7 50mm 1.1 after looking at the photos of Arthur Bee with this lens.

    Very impressed with the build quality and with a metal lens cap...ahem Leica 14.000gbp lens with a plastic lens cap. Hmm. bit cheapskate methinks.

    So, how does performer bottom line. Early doors; so far very impressed....at any price.

    On a Leica T.....6 bit coded...the T thinks it is the special one....sort of like thinking I'm George Clooney or my mate Sandy is John Wayne.

    First two photos are 1.1 a breeze to focus on the big screen of the T
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