W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #43

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  1. Early start for me this Friday. Welcome. Time to show your favorite pic of the week. Looking forward to seeing some more great photos! I'll start with one from Crescent City, CA which is in the very Northern part of the state. Lets see yours!
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  2. Leica M-P 240, 18mm Distagon ZM
    Phoenix, AZ (State Capital).
  3. M6 with 50mm Summicron

  4. Don't ask me why they have a toddler on the edge of a 50 foot cliff?
    Leica M-3 Summicron 50mm f/2
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  5. Leica M-P 240, 25mm Zeiss Biogon f/2.8
    Another from the AZ State Capital Mall in Phoenix
  6. Last night, towards the end of our photography class, we talked about Ansel Adam's "Moonriose, Hernandez". When I left the class (at about 9:40pm), I saw this scene. Taken with my M10, Summilux 50mm lens, 1/250th second at f1.4. Converted to B&W in Lightroom.
  7. As for the little one, if one looks closely there appears to be a considerable amount of upward sloping rock between the child and the edge and the adult has hands down slightly open ready to intercept.....
    Neat color in that one.
  8. Passageway to Old Sacramento

    M8, 35/2.5 Voigtlander Color-Skopar PII

  9. Uhooru. Is there any grace or merit in valorising alcohol?. I will take the demurrer on your shot. Billbllackwellphotography you continue to deliver unbelievably crisp and contrasty shots. And a good shot michael_levy. But remember Ansels shot was subject to profound manipulation. Still on hols. Keep safe all. And looking 4ward to more images.
  10. Leica T with Russian knock off lens.

    Luck of the game with these lenses....this one a winner.

    A little superstar....and without the usual awful flare.
  11. [​IMG] Arthur said "Uhooru. Is there any grace or merit in valorising alcohol?"

    Well, going by all the poems and songs about the benefits of drink, "valorizing" drink is a cultural past time. However there could be a different interpretation to this photo that maybe you haven't considered, such as a depiction of the beautiful, sad, ugliness of this liquor store and a statement about a certain no-frills, honest banality in such places that I find interesting and a tale of somewhat marginalized people who spend their money on booze, smokes and lottery tickets.
  12. M4, 35mm Nikkor f2.5, Portra 160, Unicolor C-41, Steamboat Springs, CO, USA.
  13. Bertliang: Where was the barn photo above taken? Nice!
  14. It's in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, off one of the less traveled roads.
  15. L1002530bw.jpg
    Leica M-P 240, 35mm ZM Distagon f/1.4
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  16. So, my contributions. Following a 'holiday' in Tasmania - wet, cold, windy, but exhilarating. The first two are fisher folk, trying to snare a catch at St Helens (gateway to the Bay of Fires), badly focussed - eyesight fails in the declining years. The third is an oyster shucker (food for love) on Bruny Island. The fourth is a woman we had dinner with at Cradle Mountain - she told us of rearing an orphan wombat and the pain of separating from it - when she rarely visits, it is in a wildlife refuge, unable to be re-integrated to nature, it still recognises her, grunts in the way wombats do, and cuddles up still. The final is a glass laden photographer, also out in the morning to capture life. All with M6, 75mm voigtlander lens, FP4, Ilfosol, and scanned. Arthur (apiarist1). And Uhooru - point taken - mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    fisher1.jpg fisher.jpg fuel for love.jpg person.jpg photographer.jpg
  17. Great looking cast of characters Arthur, and nicely done, focus aside on the first one. Funny, I just watched a video , about thru hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania. Looks beautiful!

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