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  1. Welcome to the Friday Pic O the week thread. Here's another opportunity to show you favorite pic for this week to the planet, so don't be shy. I'll start with a photo from the Orange County (CA) Fair. Let's see yours!
  2. Summicron 35mm, M10. 1956 VW Beetle, immaculate in and out! License plate obscured for privacy reasons.
  3. Across the Napa River just before dawn, with the M262 and 35mm f1.4 Summilux FLE.

  4. Is that yours michael_levy|3? It does look immaculate! Has it been upgraded to 12v. Brings back memories of my younger days and travelling to Green Patch beach in a 1963 VW with a trailer that had a fridge, tent, all the accoutrements of civilised camping. The easiest way to change the spark plugs was to undo the motor bolts, pull it off the drive shaft, and jack the body up, allowing the motor to be pulled out - took about 15 minutes. Uhooru, that's a great shot. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
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  6. No such luck, Arthur. We were on a walk, and the owner was showing it off (very proudly) to some friends of his. The inside looks as good as the outside! I don't know if he has done any engine or electrical upgrades, but he does use it to get around! The minimal set of dials and knobs inside was just great: I am so turned off with the instrument collection and computer panels in most new cars.
  7. As with last week, I'll start with another FrankenLeica. This one was one of the most expensive to build and the cleanest of any I've done over the years - and if I could have just one back for what I sold it for it would be this one. ...
    Leica M2-6 FrankenLeica 6.JPG
    Leica M2-6 FrankenLeica 3.JPG
    Leica M2-6 FrankenLeica 4.JPG
  8. I haven't been shooting much the last few weeks, so here's a re-post from several years back. ...
    California Capital 2bw.jpg
    California state capital building. Leica R6, 180mm Elmar-R f/4.0 - K-64, B&W conversion via Nik.
  9. That's a good shot, billblackwellphotography. Likewise, the 'lurgy' (aka flu) has kept me in bed, now for more days than I need. But some shots with my M6, FP4 (I'm about to mix up BillBowes confection, based around catechol and I have yet to 'field test' my newly acquired debt, an M type 240 (all second hand, of course). So the photos (they have lots of dust, I've now adopted, on advice from this site, developing in my en suite, after a good steaming). As you can guess, more pub/club shots shots. I was particularly intrigued by the sponsorship by a funeral 'family' business to the bowling club, since most of the members are only a hairs breath away from their maker. Ah, capitalism, isn't it magic. Arthur (apiarist1) this week 1.jpg
    imge2.jpg picture1.jpg
  10. Olympus 35sp. Stormy day.


    Leica M4-P. Mexico, Hotel.

    Riu Jalisco.jpg
  11. victor_gruber, the second shot is great. Really liked it - great composition - you could read into it many stories. Never been to mexico. Were you holidaying there. Great shot. The b&w is good, I like it, and the horizon is askew, and the sense of impending (or passing) storm is evocative. Tell me about it, particularly what looks like a bird flying (though it would have to have been a large one). Thanks for the photos - they are good. Arthur (apiarist1)
  12. Cool photo, Barry.
  13. Arthur, thank you for your comments. In Mexico we are staying (already three times) in Riu Jalisco Resort(Hotel) all inclusive. We like this hotel. It is combination of colonial and modern styles. I made some nice pictures during our vacation in 2017 at this place.
    About b&w picture. I was lucky to be at the right time and at the right place. That was the only time when I could see the darkness was moving from the city to the ocean. Usually the storm is coming from the ocean. That view was fantastic. I also took some color panoramic shots.
  14. Swapping out the back of the "new" green Fed-2 seems to have solved my light leaks. Here are two from the local Friday Farmers Market. Fed-2 / N-61, Kentmere100, OA & V800 scans. Aloha from the Mainland, Bill 2k18-065-009 ces18 bc ce.jpg
  15. 2k18-065-026 ces13 bc.jpg Warm weather here in Puget Sound is providing an excellent harvest.
  16. Another re-post ... Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA - Leica MP, 28mm Asph. Summicron
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  17. Thanks Allen, likewise..
  18. Bill, that customized M2 is/was just awesome. Heck, you even had the 35mm f2 ASPH customized to look like a lens from the 60's. To bad the production model doesn't look like that, wow. That is just gorgeous. Instead of re-introducing old models like the 28mm f5.6 and 90mm f2.2, Leica should be offering current models dressed up like this, kind-of like they did with the 50mm f1.4 in a limited version.

    From yesterday, with the MP240 and 21mm f3.4 Super Elmar..

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