W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #32

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  1. Welcome to another Friday. Please post your favorite pic of the week, don't bet shy. I've been enjoying the diverse participation though its funny, I don't notice any female photographer posting. What's with that? Anyways, I'll start with a photo of one of my best friends husband at their wedding reception with a Fuji X-Pro2 and a Summicron 50 lens. Lets see yours!
  2. 35mm Summicron. Cropped quite a bit.
  3. I don't have much to post this week (I'll come up with something prior to week 33's W/NW Pic of the Week), but here's another FrankenLeica. At first glance it might be difficult to tell why it's a FrankenLeica, but a keen eye should be able to tell me four reasons why it, indeed, is (two are obvious, while two might be fairly subtle). All of its parts are authentic / produced by Leica.
    Leica M4 Pics 003.jpg
    Leica M4 Pics 001.jpg
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  4. [​IMG]

    Sorry, I have a weak spot for motorcycles. Not that I ride mine much these days, but when I run into an interesting bike begging to be photographed, I do so (MP, 35mm 'cron, Velvia 50). ;)
  5. First grandson, meet 6 month-old James, captured with the MP240 and 35mm f1.4 Summilux FLE.


    and a B&W conversion from the Streets of San Francisco, again with the MP240 and 21mm f3.4 Super Elmar.

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  6. Here's a K-64 scan (B&W conversion via Nik) - Pima Air Museum near Tucson, AZ.
    Corsair 2bw.jpg
    Leica M6, 15mm CV Heliar.
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  7. Fed-2 / Jupiter-11 (135mm), UFX100, Obsidian Aqua Semi-Stand, V800 scan. Aloha from the Mainland, Bill 2k18-061-DSCF1127 ces10 4x6 gsbc.JPG
  8. Stric, it's buell? I'm in the process of 'restoring' a 1981 Triumph bonnie T140V. I bought it a few decades ago; garaged it inappropriately following domestic disruption (the brakes rusted out). Only now getting around to 'fixing' it. It has a four speed box, probably ex speedway. Looks good, Stric.
  9. Uhooru, an excellent shot. You capture character. Michael_levy|3 - really? Is something better on the way? Good shot. Greg M - a fabulous shot of your first grandson - congrats. Really well done - I can see that framed and cherished in the family.

    So to mine. I went to Sydney thursday and friday for a work based meeting. The metropolis. My employer paid; put me up in a hotel near Central station - the Great Southern - actually a good stay. If you ever visit Sydney, you could no worse. So a few shots, with my monchrom and 35mm lens, with flash. It's bar attracts a diversity of people: a motley crew of local office workers, drinkers, and the marginal poor enjoying cheap eats. The first shot is of an indigenous busker who was playing a didgeridoo with drums in one of the 'tunnels' that characterise Central station. An engaging young man, with, as you will note, a cataract in one of his eyes. He had spent most of his day busking at circular quay, a ferry stop off point for Sydney. The experience of white settlement is an abiding shame to thinking Australians. As a note, it is hard for people not to 'pose' when you ask them to be photographed. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1). Look forward to your contributions.

    couple.jpg diner.jpg diner1.jpg
  10. Love that first shot in particular Arthur.
  11. I give up. The black M3 style winding lever is the only thing I see.
    Ain't she a beauty, though?!
  12. Love that first shot in particular Arthur. Barry

    Me too...somewhat special.
  13. 1. M2/3/P-style advance;
    2. The RW knob is from an SL-2 - sturdier than M4 type (I didn't expect anyone would get this one);
    3. 75mm lens/framelines;
    4. Black chrome finish. The serial number dates it at around 1968, but a black chrome finish was not available to consumers until 1971/2 (introduced on the M5).

    Yep, she's a beaut! This was Don Goldberg's (DAG) personal camera when he worked at Leitz, NJ. When the black chrome finish came out, employees were able to convert their personal silver chromed equipment, which is what this was.
  14. Too cool. Never would have guessed the rewind crank, and those images never would have revealed the 75 frame lines. I guess I should have figured with the lens mounted, LOL.
  15. Do you mind explaining this one - how did you add 75mm framelines?
  16. If it was DAG's camera originally, anything's possible, LOL.

    Actually, one of the services anyone can have done on an M with the .72 finders, and the M4 would be one of those, is having the original finder optics replaced with the finders that include the 75 and 28mm framelines.
  17. The original M4 frameline masking was replaced with that of an M6, but I don't recall it having 28mm framelines.
  18. Bill Bowes, the catechol arrived today (purchased from the United States of Amiracle - land of the tweet, home of the fee). Thanks for the advice, and leg up on this - I'll use up my Ilfosol before trying it - have all the other chemicals. Allen Herbert, that is a haunting shot. It's good. I think I've referred in the past to Martin Heidegger's idea that 'language calls'. That shot 'calls', Allen Herbert. Give us some background to it, if you would. Arthur (apiarist1)

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