W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #31

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  1. Hi peeps. For fun and as there is a running thread on recommendations for street shooting lens between the 35mm and 50mm Leica's I'd thought I'd give an example of each as my faves for the week. Follow along if you'd like contributing a 35mm equivalent and 50mm equivalent. Or....just post a favorite pic. I'll start with 2 friends I haven't seen in a while. These are definitely "re-treads" as some may have seen them before. Don't be shy! Whistle player is the 50 and the other is not..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Another group from Ft. MacArthur, San Pedro, CA a few weeks ago. ...
    Leica M-P 240, 35mm Zeiss Distagon f/1.4 - B&W conversion via Nik (film simulation = Tri-X)
  3. Bill do you live in So Cal?
  4. And another FrankenLeica for your viewing pleasure ...
    Leica MP-7 Pics 003.jpg
    Leica MP-7 Pics 001.jpg
    Leica MP-7 Pics 006.jpg
    This one was one of my favorites!
  5. Yes - I live in South Orange County (Portola Hills).
  6. Hah, I'm in Costa Mesa. Small world!
  7. Next time I'm out, I'll look for someone shooting a Leica!
  8. So two shots - again from our 'investiture' of our new pasta the weekend before last. M6, 75mm zeiss, cooked in ilfosol, and heavily retouched (the dreaded dust - I've taken some advice from this site and will re-jig my processing). Jan and I travelled to Sydney, the metropolis, to see a play - the curious incident of the dog in the night-time - got back this evening. Took some M6 FP4 shots on the train, but not yet developed. Will post when it's done. Uhooru, that first shot is good, very good. And billblackwellphotography, great shots. Grain's a bit intrusive, but who am I talk, LOL. Grain is my nemesis.

    imago12.jpg imago9.jpg
  9. First one, 35mm Summicron, second one 50mm Summilux
    sleeper.jpg control.jpg
  10. michael_levy|3, that second shot is very good. Good portraits always invite the viewer to confabulate a story about the character of the person. This shot does that. Really well done. Regards and thanks, Arthur (apiarist1)
  11. Leica M4-P . First picture was taken with Voigtlander 35mm f1,4 and the second picture with Summicron 50mm f2


  12. viktor_gruber, second shot, really well done. Much liked. Ahem, I just went to get my card out of my monochrom, and rather foolishly opened my M6. Blast!! Saw film and realised my mistake - too late!!
  13. After that tragedy (the word comes, I think, from the greek for 'goat's song'. An ancient practice to control goat herd size was to locate male goats on one island, and females on another. In those balmy aegean nights, the males would sing songs of great passion denied to the absent consorts. The goat's song, tragedy, great passion denied. Anyway, at least one shot from my monochrom of a fellow traveller on the lengthy (5 hours each way) trip by train to the metropolis.
  14. ei_20180521_416.jpg
    3-year old contemplating his next mischief. Pizza is just a cover :)
    Leica MP, 35 mm Summicron (IV), Velvia 50
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  15. Fine pictures of young subjects, viktor_gruber and stric.
  16. Thanks Arthur. The shot was part of a Physics Photo Walk at TRIUMF in Vancouver. 20 photographers took part here, as part of a global event: Global Physics Photowalk 2018

    We each get to submit five photographs to the competition. The top selection gets submitted to the international competition. I don't think there is a prize.

    Interesting side note: I was going to take a photograph close to one of the accelerators, but my M10 refused! I got the message "Bottom cover open". Turned out I was standing in a strong magnetic field - as soon as I moved away from the field, the message went away.
  17. Hello everyone. I spent the weekend with my racing buddies (karts & motorcycles) in Spokane. The Jupiter-8 is not the lens for fast moving objects but the Jupiter-11, a 135mm optic, works great. Fed-2 / Jupiter-11, UFX100 (Kentmere100), OA (s/s) & V800 scans. Bill 2k18-061-DSCF1106 ces13 gsbc.JPG
  18. Well done Bill. Nicely done panning!
  19. Pre-dawn in Napa. Leica M262 and 34mm f1.4 FLE.


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