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  1. Week 28. Post your favorite pic for the week. Don't be shy! Since we are having a massive heatwave in So. Cal - 101 F at just about 4 in the afternoon, 111 in Pomona and higher out in the desert. So here's a photo of where people go in the summer in So Cal. The photo was taken with a digital Panasonic [​IMG] with a Leica Summicron 50 on it. I think they make a decent combo.
  2. M4, Elmar 90mm, Tmax400, Xtol1:1/Rodinal1+100. In the heat of Socal.
    [​IMG] by bc50099
  3. They do make a decent, very decent, combo Uhooru. It's a good shot. I could almost reach out and touch the waves. Excellent clarity, winsome, evocative, as Heidegger would say, it calls. We here are getting into (with a brief flourish of temperate weather) winter. So a couple of shots from last week (work has been a bit of a bother this week - quite dramatically intruded on my life). They are of further denizens of rural arcadia in the hinterland antipodes. Rural arcadia means rural poverty. A small group of impoverished people (who can't afford heating) take refuge in the air-con of our local Returned Servicemens (sic) Leagues club quite regularly, usually setting up around 3.00 - 4.00 in the afternoon and staying till closing. The gentleman has a cataract. We have, in oz, what is regarded as a free public health system, funded through an income tax levy, called medicare. It really works for catastrophic illnesses (what Stephen King would call 'captain trips') and for accident and emergencies. But for other things, like hips and knees, and cataracts, you go on a waiting list. He's still got one functional eye, so he's not high up on the waiting list. Isn't life the strangest thing you've ever seen. The final is of one of the good staff at the club who allow this to happen. They are gems and treasures. All done with an M6, FP4, cooked in ilfosol 3, heavily doctored (grit in the tap water following rain), with a tricked up Jupiter 50mm lens I purchased off ebay from the Ukraine, and a cheap flash. Regards, Arthur. Looking forward to your images.
    winter6.jpg winter7.jpg person3.jpg
  4. Leica M-P 240, 50mm Asph Summilux - B&W conversion via Nik (film simulation = Pan-X).
    Taking a stroll a few weeks ago I came across a group of trees that somehow reminded me of the dark forest in the Wizard of Oz. Just looking for the moment in which those roots reached out and grabbed me!

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  6. Thought I'd take a side-bar - remembering "FrankenLeica". Unless there's some objection I'll post a different one each month through December. ...
    Leica M6 2289100 004.jpg
    Maybe 6 or 7 followed over the years, but this one was the first - and the simplest, as its origins are pretty obvious (maybe except for the body covering). But some I've done will get you scratching your heads
    Leica M6 2289100 006.jpg .
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  7. Yes, this will be a test, won't it billblackwellphotography. Look forward to the good herre doctor frankenstein's confections. Perhaps a trivia quizz? in guessing origins. Prize would be insignificant, just the kudos. And it's good to see, apparently, that the roots didn't get you, this time at least. Reminds me of an old, anglo-celtic joke, not really suitable for family reading. Look forward to your exposition. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1). As you can see, I have little to do this afternoon, should be studying (koine greek), but here in oz, it's cold, drab, now. Not amenable to serious study. Thanks, billblackwellphotography.
  8. On a quiet intersection, in the middle of a residential area of Vancouver (detached, single family houses), is a small coffee shop. M10, Summicron 35mm.
  9. LTM Canon 35mm f/2 shot at f/2.8 mounted to a Leica M8 - ISO 160 @ 1/30th of a sec
    Converted to B+W with "Holga-ish" action - Post processed using the discontinued Picasa...

    Tractor Storage...
    Click on image to see how well this tiny little bargain lens performs.
  10. ei_20180518_401.jpg

    MP, 35mm 'cron, HP5
  11. Stric, that's very good. You've controlled the grain very well, and it's a magic pose (I'm about to give up on HP5, or its development by Ilfosol, or both). Wish I could get a developer that works with this film. What did you use? Is it cropped (if it is, it's even better technically). Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  12. Gus, is the vignetting added, or is it native. It's a good performer, that lens. Now, as an aside, is it worth buying an M9 now? I'm tossing up between that and a M240. They both seem to be holding their price (particularly the M9, given its problems). Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  13. Today at the Arboretum with the M, Type 262, 35mm f1.4 FLE and 21mm f3.4 Super Elmar.




  14. There are some who say the M9 sensor is more "film-like" (it's almost become a cult camera - which is why the values on them have held). But note - since Leica no longer will replace an M9 sensor for free, if you decide to go that way, make sure the sensor has already been replaced. Fact is - 'opinions' notwithstanding - these are both very good options.

    As for me, having owned both, I'd go with the M240.
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  15. Greg M, they are so good. Lush colour, great (while there are no real rules in composition) composition. Bravo to you. Michael_levy|3, keep this up. We pass by the world, and it's gone. In a moment. I have enjoyed your ethnography of Vancouver, and look forward to more. Where does time go to die, do you think? Thanks, Arthur (apiarist1)
  16. Thanks, billblackwellphotography. I will hold you accountable. LOL. And pursue you if it doesn't work. Going for the M240. That will do me for colour. Allen Herbert: now, tell me about your shot. It's a good photo. Tell me about it. She looks uncomfortable. What's going on here? We here in Oz, have a long experience of 'old blokes' buying filipina (etc) brides (some work out good, indeed, we have a close friend, a good friend, who went down this path, and it worked well for both of them. We enjoy their company many weekends. They enormously love each other, and do well. And we know stories of failure. So it goes), but I'm not sure that is what is hapenning here. Maybe shooting the breeze here, if so, my apologies. Great picture. Let us know the details. Is it a selfie? That would be good. If it's you and your partner, well done. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1). I will add an image, which recently came by my way.

  17. And another, I know I digress, not appropriate here, not leica or rangefinders, but a rare find, photos from the Palestinian war early last century, probably 1910 - 1915. We live in the wash of the 20th C war (it was, many would argue, one long war, with a inter-regnum, but one long war, the 'longue duree'. Untouched, provided to me by a friend. babel2.jpg
  18. "Holga" style is when one tries to mimic the imaging flaws of those 'plastic' cameras; so yes the venetting is induced by the
    Google Picasa named "Holga-ish" action. BTW, I used my M8 for that shot (the colors weren't very good so B+W worked better).

    I do agree with my friend Bill Blackwell on the choice of the M240, but only for the larger battery, updated electronics, Live View & better LCD display. - The different sensor, video option & added bulk are not as desirable.

    Keep in mind, most cared for M9 units have usually had their CCD sensors replaced (a saved invoice can serve as proof of the update).
    All that stated, I like the output of the unique CCD sensor and as a result won't be selling my M9...

    Proof that CCD gives CMOS a run for its money; see the highly cropped images below:

    Summicron 50mm ver VI shot at f/5.6 mounted to a Leica M240 - Image is a center, cropped to 80% from a RAW file

    Summicron 50mm ver VI shot at f/5.6 mounted to a Leica M8 - Image is a center, cropped to 87% from a RAW file

    The M8 colors are off due to no IR Cut filter being used.
    Both are at their native ISO's : 200 for the M240 @ 24MP & 160 for the M8 @ 10MP !
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