W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week # 27

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by Uhooru, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Here we are again on Friday and the opportunity arises to share your favorite pic of week on the world famous Leica POTW thread.
    Don't hold back! I'll start with another recent photo taken in down town LA, CA. Lets see yours!
  2. Leica M-P 240, 50mm Asph Summilux @ ~5.6
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  3. Good ones, billblackwellphotography. My shots are about my home town, Wingham, coming into winter (a novel idea for those north of the equator). The first is of some nasturtiums, which capture the rain. The second, a view over the valley, the day before last. Both were taken with my debt, a monochrom m. The first with my trusty voigtlander 75mm and the second with a zeiss 35mm. The third, a local denizen at our club trying to keep warm, was taken, with of all things, a zorki 5 with a 5cm f 3.5 FED collapsible lens, with flash, on HP5 cooked in ilfosol 3 ( it required much 'spot healing' - with the rain here, the tap water is full of sediment. I'm trying to work out a way of filtering water to avoid this). Look forward to your contributions. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)

    winter1.jpg winter3.jpg person2.jpg
  4. Love the 2nd photograph Arthur. Very Mist-a-cal :)
  5. 21mm Super Elmar, Vancouver, BC, Laneway off Main Street near 4th Avenue.
  6. Thanks Uhooru, really appreciated your feedback. I keep bees, and this last season has been strange. Blossom came on early, but no nectar. So no honey this season. And now winter comes, and it's strange. These sort of mist events are not consonant with the season here. We have done a great tragedy to our world, and its climate, Uhooru. And from the antipodes, I shudder about that. I think about the 'Donald' and the US. How in God's name was this walking cartoon elected as it's president? It beggars my mind. But I'm from the antipodes. We just live in the wash. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
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  7. It does boggle the mind, and its only getting worse. But if you don't mind, lets not post more now about this in the POTW thread as there's other places such as casual conversations forum here on p.net where threads get political. Not to stifle speech, but this is basically a photo sharing thread. And of course this is just a suggestion, I am not a p.net moderator.
  8. Point taken. Well said, Uhooru. Here in the antipodes, we live in the wash of the great powers. Will take your advice. So a picture (I have done several before) of my great love. We married late in life, a late age reconstituted marriage. Janice. Taken with my great debt, a monochrom m, and a 50mm jupiter lens which I got off eprey from a seller. It has proved to be a good lens. When love comes late in life, it can be magic, Uhooru.
  9. The jupiter was wide open, at f2, so not sparkling sharp. I bought the lens re-furbished for an m mount from an Ukrainian dealer on eprey. I was intrigued about the sonnar design, and if it made a difference. The image, of my wife, is cropped, a bit soft (or that may be my wayward focussing). I find it pleasing, nothing sharp, no forensics here, but a 'glow' I don't get with my contemporary lenses. My summars and summitars come close to this. Nothing quite sharp, but still comprehensible.
  10. Hello everyone. Never sell a Jupiter-8 short! As most people around here know, I have a bevy of FSU cameras, purchased with an assortment of I-26 or I-61 lenses, but now all carry a Jupiter-8. A few months ago I jumped into mirrorless with a Fuji XE-1. The two kit lenses came with the camera, but I purchased adapters for a Minolta MD50 & Celtic 135mm, also for the Jupiter-8. A flurry of testing showed the J-8 holding it's own against the MD-50. The fate of the "other" FSU lenses?? The I-26 is excellent for portraits (a bit soft), the N-61's are now on several friends digi's via adapters. Bill
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  11. Bill Bowes. Gone to the darkside? You would have read about the 'problems' of the fuji sensor and it's array, no doubt. Keep safe and enjoy capturing the moment. Regards.
  12. ei_20180518_400.jpg

    Some old film, recently developed. Loring park, Minneapolis, MN, US, this past winter. The park-pond was frozen solid. It's strange to look at this image as we speak as the temperatures are near 40 Celsius right now in the Twin Cities (MP, 35 mm 'cron, HP5).
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  13. Another vote for the Mist.....
  14. I will 3rd Moving On. Ages ago a valley I lived in (Calif) would treat the eyes to something like you have captured. I have been "On the Dark Side" (or should that be "Dark Slide" ??) since discharge from the army in 67. . . I took up photography ! Perhaps I best not research the Fuji stuff. . it works nicely...now. Bill
  15. I think what some reviewers are calling a problem, Fuji calls it a feature. I looked at Peta Pixel and I really don't see what he's talking about in his examples.
  16. Saturday afternoon at the Arboretum. M240-P and 35mm f1.4 Summilux FLE.

  17. That's good Greg M. Really vibrant, lush colour, and good composition. A stark contrast to the drab grey winter of the antipodes. It's raining here this evening, dark, cold, miserable. adam_herbert, where was your shot taken? Almost looks like a refugee camp in the Gaza. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  18. Thanks Arthur. They really have the Arboretum in nice shape for the steam bath that currently is Dallas, Texas.

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