W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #26

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  1. Welcome all. Please post your favorite pic for this week to share with the world. Heady stuff!. I'll start with a busy photo of people at leisure. X-Pro2 and Summicron 35. [​IMG] Enjoy and lets see yours.
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  2. W/NW Pic-O'-The-Week #36

    Vietnam memorial, Sacramento, CA
    Leica MP, 50mm Noctilux f/1
  3. Benjamin and Deborah Franklin’s tomb, Philadelphia, PA


    M240, 50mm f/1.4 Canon LTM Lens
  4. 35mm Summicron. Cambie Village, Vancouver. icecream.jpg
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  5. I was in PA in around 2002 - and while on a stroll one day I happened to look to my left and there is was - Benjamin Franklin's grave. I couldn't believe it! If I could go back and meet - and talk to - any one of our founding fathers, it would be Ben Franklin!
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  7. Getting it all in with the 35mm f1.4 FLE, and the Leica Monochrome, Type 246. Bass Performance Hall front facade in downtown Fort Worth.

  8. The angle is an interesting touch.
  9. Me too! I was staying at the Wyndham hotel on the corner; the cemetery is right behind the hotel, a 2 minute walk, I ventured out about half past midnight.

    Moving On, thanks for the links!
  10. Moving On: I read the link, but cannot help but hear and smell a touch of green house gas here. LOL. Thanks for that. At times, in the Antipodes, I wish I knew more about the 'founding/settlement' of other countries - I know little about America (As an aside, I must admit you have probably, I suspect, followed the shenanigans of Australian politics over the last weeks, and its misogyny - 'founding fathers' may be suspect). Greg M, that is well done: great clarity; wonderful composition. If you would, share your settings with me. Billblackwellphotography, the American war on Vietnam is such a contentious thing, and a good shot. You revive a recurrent question: how do we celebrate, cherish, honour, and remember the unnecessary and stupid loss of life in a futile and misguided war? There have been a number since Vietnam. So, I've had to travel to Sydney this weekend - mother's birthday, who is in a nursing home. My monthly trip, but with added distraught - she drifts in and drifts out of presence and awareness. Anyway, my shots, with my monochrom m (to be honest, I may have already posted these already - taken on another trawl of the publicans ware:

  11. Sorry, more to come. That was a singer looking startled. He was a very good performer. Wingham lives on these local performers. The first here is a couple at the performance - the bloke appears worse for wear (and, to be honest, he was). The second is another patron - note the bleached out highlights - I'm yet to grapple with this close up. I guess I'm getting a rep for pub crawling. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1) MONO1297-3.jpg
  12. Havana, Cuba. (Leica M6, 35mm Summicron, FP4+, PMK Pyro)

  13. 18060405 copy1.jpg

    Cape Coast, Ghana....Ilford HP5 June 2018
  14. M-P 240, 35mm Zeiss Distagon f/1.4
    Botanic Gardens, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA - Yesterday
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  15. saintelmo21: that is a very good shot. Composition, tonality. Tell me more about your use of HP5 - how did you develop this, with what? How did you scan it? Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  16. Hi Arthur. Thank you. Love shooting in downtown Fort Worth.

    Monochrome M246, captured raw and processed in Adobe camera raw. in Photoshop CC.

    Monochrome files open in ACR fairly flat, allowing onr to process the devil out of to get the results you want

    In the Basic panel:

    Contrast +31
    Highlights -58
    Shadows +23
    Whites -8
    Blacks +13
    Clarity +38
    Dehaze +32

    In the Tone Curve tab I chose the MEDIUM Point Contrast, but made further adjustments in the parametric tab (top to bottom, of -72, -47, -6 and +57

    In the Detail panel I went 25, 0.7, 35 and 21.

    Everything else I left alone. Let me know if you'd ever like to have a raw file or 3 or 4 to pay with.
  17. Thanks Greg M. Stric, another great shot.
  18. I’ve started dabblling with film again, shooting a couple rolls of TMax 400 through the M4 and have sent them to Simple Lab for processing/scanning.

    Film Processing

    I very much look forward to see how the DNG files look and work in Adobe camera raw. Have ordered some Tri-X and even 5 rolls of Kodak 160 Porta to give it a try. Taking my M6 to the office today with a couple more rolls of close to expire date TMax to “shoot it up” and send to Adrian as well.

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