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  1. Please post your favorite pic for the week. I'll start with a pic from NYC. M7-35cron.[​IMG]
  2. So my shots: we had our Anzac Day holiday this Wednesday. Dawn services, street marches, then down to the local RSL (Returned Services League) club for a skinful and a go at two up. So two pictures from the recently revived Zorki 5 with a Fed 5cm collapsible (they are appalling shots - I think I must address my developing technique. I think I cooked the FP4. The Fed lens, at least at apertures below f8 reminds me of that old Cheech and Chong skit about dogshit (looks like dogshit, smells like dogshit, feels like dogshit, tastes like dogshit; must be dogshit). They are shots of a two-up game. The 'spinner', from which we get the aphorism 'come in spinner'. Together with a shot of two veterans and their partners. The march and its afterwards celebrations are an opportunity to wear medals, reminisce, and remember, and for some, to forget. I also attach a link to Eric Bogle's song, the band played waltzing matilda. Late last century, there was great concern that Anzac Day celebrations were faltering. Over the last decade, however, they have flourished. It's worth a listen - has many Canadian photos. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)

    anzac day2.jpg anzac day 4.jpg MONO0931.jpg
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  3. Vancouver has been treated to a summer preview: sunny and warm for the last several days. Alas, back to normal tomorrow.
    I enjoy Main street - it has not yet been swamped by new developments. Still has some old businesses.
    Summicron 35mm.
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  4. Such a powerful song - with many covers, but the Eric Bogle still does it best. Thanks for sharing this version.
  5. The FED lenses seem to evoke an milieu of a two stop push no matter what EI one is using. At least in my hands. But the difference between the first two and the last images makes us recall the 'hobgoblin of little minds.'
  6. 500CM, 80mm T*, TMAX400, Xtol/Rodinal.
    [​IMG] by bc50099
  7. L1001611.JPG
    Leica M-P 240, 50mm Asph. Summulux (~ f/2.8)
  8. I've been a fine of Eric Bogle since he was in Scotland, great and passionate musician and person.
  9. Hi gang. I haven't posted here in quite a while, age and health issues seem to be keeping me from giving the Leicas as much exercise as they should have. Thought I'd dip into the archives and post a couple of photos this week, one from the seventies and one more recent. Hope you get a chuckle... ;-)

    The first is from rural India when I was doing a lot of traveling in the seventies. Camera was a 3f and Agfa CNS. Women working in the field with the low sun behind made a perfect contra-jour image. Unfortunately flare kind of spoiled it but I did get a chance to try for a re-shoot, but 40 years later. I happened to be staying with friends from the seventies for a few days and the property backed on a field much like the one many years earlier. My friend had gone out and I was left alone with the cook and the gardener, neither spoke any English. Light was similar to the early photo, location was within a few miles the same, and a group of women was at work, perfect.

    Decided that the M4 loaded with Fuji 400 and 90mm Tele-Elmarit was best for the job. Headed out the back gate and along a path beside the field, hadn't gone far when I saw the angle to the sun was wrong. Coming back I started working my way along the edge of field behind my friends property. Up ahead I saw a grey stick poking up from the weeds, probably a field marker. I headed towards it, a few steps closer and could now see it had eyes and scales was actually a cobra reared up in strike mode!
    I backed up REAL FAST but paused when I felt the distance was safe. Heart and brain were starting to work again, take a photo dummy or it didn't happen. Brought the camera to my eye focused, pressed the shutter release, Nothing! In all the excitement I hadn't advanced the film. It only took an instant to advance the film but that's how long it took the serpent to go from posing nicely to slither mode in the weeds. I started backing up again, first sight of snake coming my way and it's warp drive out of there.

    At this point I'm hearing some very excited Hindi coming from behind. It's the curious gardener who's been watching the whole show from the gate. I only know a smattering of Hindi, but did hear samp (Hindi for snake) a few times. It was a relief to finally spot the serpent heading away, probably frightened it as much as it did me.
    This time there was one down the spout, unfortunately I was no longer close and not going closer without a gaggle of mongooses in tow. Snapped a quick one, this is a crop from the center.
    Friend got story from gardener upon returning home, " Crazy feringhi (foreigner) encountered a snake and rather than run stopped to take a photo of it".


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  10. Welcome back GlennS, or should I say namaste, sri Glenn. Where in India did you acquaint the cobra? There are many places that I have fond memories of. Parts of India are included: the Vijayanagara ruins, Hospet, Hampi, walking in Dehli in the late afternoon when the two stroke fumes turned the setting sun red, spending a week in the Ram Mohan Lohia Memorial Hospital with amoebiasis - ah, yes, the 'ochre' walls. I guess that like many of us children of the 1970's, India was one of 'the' destinations. Now swamped with 'touristics'. One other place I have very fond memories of is Vancouver. Michael_levy, who has posted on this thread, does some wonderful ethnographic work on it's changing face (I liked your shot Michael_levy). It's worth trawling his archive. So GlennS, welcome back, hope health and age does not deter you from posting more (and remember, in gratitude, that every day above ground and breathing, is another day to capture the light). Grow old disgracefully, and never rust. Regards, and welcome back, Arthur (apiarist1)
  11. Arthur. . do some searching on Rick Drawbridge' 2k18-033-003 ces13 bc 11x14.jpg s work with FP-4. He primarily uses PMK-Pyro & you might consider switching to it. I used it for many years & it works wonders on most Ilford & Kodak films, in both 100 & 400 speeds. As it is sold by several firms in dry kits, postage to Down Under is "reasonable". Here is my Fed-2 with the Industar 26M lens, UFX400 & OA development. V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
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  12. MP, 50mm 'cron, Acros... and it's not Coke, just water :)
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  13. That's good, very good, Stric. You should be well pleased. I don't know if you're in a camera club, or something, but this shot is competition material. And thanks Bill Bowes, I'll explore your suggestion (and yes I've seen Rick's photos on the other pages - he does some remarkable things. Tragically, for a kiwi, he puts us antipodeans to shame). Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  14. Michael,
  15. Hello again. I spent several hours on Saturday wondering around Honolulu's China Town District with the Fed-2 & Jupiter-8 combo. UFX400 with OA developing & a V600 scan. Aloha, Bill 2k18-035-025 ces10 bc x.jpg
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  16. Sunday morning first light, with the M262 and 24mm f3.8 Elmar-M.


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