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  1. Hi there. Friday again. Please post your fave pic for this week. No slackers please. I'll start with a photo taken with a Fuji X-Pro2 and a Leica 50mm Summicron. Let see what ya got.
  2. I would like to see a photo of that X-Pro2 Summicron combo.
  3. IMG_0553.jpg
    Quick and dirty, basically looks like a range finder camera with a Leica lens.
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  4. Now, that is good Uhooru. Bravo
  5. My contributions. Both made with a steinheill munchen 135 lens. One with film (the cat, seth. FP4 developed in Ilfosol 3, scanned on an epson, taken with a bessa R)) and one with the monochrom (university house - I was at a residential, and stay at university house - it's great, located on the ANU campus, a lovely, though bone dry at the moment, campus, and disrupted, as is all Canberra, with construction work. with an adapter. Just getting to grips with the monochrom.

    black seth.jpg

  6. Thanks Uhooru, they make a nice looking couple.
  7. Summilux 50mm. This restaurant closes today. Very sad to see it go.
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  8. Leica M-P 240, 50mm Asph Summilux
    Fullerton Arboretum - May 2017
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  9. Now, bertliang, that is well done. I would be interested to know your aperture and speed. There's none of that intrusive 'irising effect' that often clutters low light and long exposure. Well done. Most enjoyed. It has been many years since (did I hear you say 'years?', actually, decades) I've used rodinal. Don't even know if it is available still. I used it as an acutance developer, but always wary of grain enhancement. You've controlled the grain. Well done. These days, ilfosol is all the local photoshop carries, and only because he's probably got some commitment with the local high schools and TAFE. And you blend it? I'd like to know more. Uhooru's and your shot stand out so far - still more to come, though. Uhooru's for capturing some of the character of the subject, more than just a photo, but an essay; yours for evoking senses. Again, well done. Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  10. Nothing new this week, so something from my archives...

    The Pittsburgh Strip District


    Canon 7, Canon 50mm f/1.2 LTM, Kodak TMY2, HC-110, Pakon F135 Scanner
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  11. Hi Arthur:
    Thanks for the words and thoughts! To answer some of your questions...
    Shutter speed was at 1/50 (flash sync for M4); aperture was f2.5 (wide open for this 35mm LTM nikkor) - so perhaps not as slow as you might be thinking.
    Developer was Xtol 1:1 combined with Rodinal (as Adonal) 1+100 - I've found this best provides to my eye a good smoothness and acutance (as you note) together.
    I agree Uhooru's material is wonderful - really like his choice of subject and tonality.
    Happy to give more details, and again, thanks for the questions/comment.
  12. From some time ago....


    Kiev 2a, Helios-103 / HP5 in HC110
  13. Wouter, there are some strange up and down parallel striations on the image (and the composition is very well done), reminiscent of bromide drag. How was it done?. Do you still have the kiev - I have a zorki 5 which I've just rehabilitated, and am now putting thru a roll of film. Good image. Arthur (apiarist1)
  14. Thanks Arthur :)
    Indeed development of this roll showed some issues (it's also much grainier than I usually get out of this combination); not quite sure what may have gone wrong. It's been a while, so it's hard to recall what I've done wrong.
    I still have the Kiev, no intent to get rid of it, as I quite like it.
  15. I also have a Kiev, the "no name" version. As the shutter run is vertical, not horizontal like the Leica or others, you may have a light leak through one or more of the shutter blades that effects the film during the shutter travel up the film plane. I like the Kiev as it is easy to load and use. The Kiev is very easy to focus with the long rangefinder base together with a smooth focusing mount. As originally equipped the f2 Carl Zeiss Sonnar 50 and a later f1.4 Nikon s-c 50 work well. As the shutter release is very rough, I've always wondered what a nicely restored rangefinder Contax II or III is like to use.
  16. Wouter, do you think those are chemistry striations? Or maybe even agitation marks? Or could that be from the scanning? Was it on the negs? I've gotten scanning marks that look similar to that before.
  17. For sure, it's not a light leak; I've got used it before and since, without these issues. So I'd be inclined to say it's either during development, and/or scanning. I'd have to check the negatives to understand what's what; since most photos on this roll were very lacklustre (this being one of two I like somewhat), I didn't look too much into it. Partially I believe it can also be the scanner, or at least the scanner making the problem more apparent (likewise for the grain).
    The combination of HP5 in HC110 (dil. 1:63) is one I use very frequently, and typically I'm very pleased with the tonality and the subtle grain this combo gives me. This roll is the exception.... so yeah, for learning I should look a bit deeper into it, but at present I've got no idea why it looks the way it does.

    For what it's worth, the shutter on my Kiev is very smooth; its main issue for me is the take-up spool having a bit more play then I'd like, giving occassional uneven framespacing. And the way to change shutterspeed is a pain, but that ought to be identical on a Contax - behaviour by design.
  18. Thanks Arthur, for the kind remarks.

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