w/nw Ominous

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  1. JC, that's a cool one! The slightly sepia b+w works well with the SS.
  2. Well, thank you, Clive.

    With the notable exception of its' film advance mechanism, the Lomo SS is a pretty cool piece of junk! It is a perfect
    complement to cheap and expired film.

    [The film advance/shutter cocking mechanism has been unreliable which leads to inconsistent spacing between negative images, i.e.
    some images are properly spaced, some images overlap and sometimes two advances are required to 'cock' the shutter
    resulting in 'blank' frames. I haven't yet figured out how to cope with what is probably a manufacturing defect. The Lomo
    SS is still fun!]

  3. In deepest, darkest winter with an LG cameraphone . . .

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