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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by dennis_couvillion, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. I know you've got'em... now show'em.
  2. Thompson Twins
  3. wh


    Excellent! listening to a Cocteau Twins bootleg atm :)
  4. Got thousands of them! I just need to print them up and get them scanned. Heres some Bob Dylan and Joan Baez photos that appeared on the Leica Forum last year:

  5. Al, I never printed anything from T.Twins night, so I practiced scanning negatives with them! Then I played with color. You could just scan negatives. mary
  6. wh


    Hmm, really not old enough to qualify...
  7. Chuck Berry 1966 or 1967.
  8. One of Al's pics...
  9. my way...
  10. oops - May 2004
  11. Yeas Mary, I suppose that I could just scan the negatives. I'm trying to learn how to just scan prints. Some of us actually LIKE prints, real silver gelatin prints. We're used to making them and seeng our photos presented that way. When I shot those photographs that's how I envisioned presenting them. Some people like to buy them and frame them and display them on a wall in their home or office. Negatives and prints are parts of a traditional process.
  12. Yow. Unnecessary defense, Al.
  13. tough crowd
  14. santana's horn player
  15. Walter "Wolfman" Washington
  16. Bukka White, 1973.
  17. Dylan In Toronto
  18. Al, lighten up big guy. Fact is prints are great for viewing, but for viewing scans, negatives are much better.
  19. doughnuts from sweden circa 92
  20. Oh you asked for it... abnegation 93
  21. policy of 3 villanova university 93
  22. Why so defensive Al? BTW, 30 seconds with ps on your Dylan pic and it's tons
    better. Let me know if it's OK to post.
  23. Al-


  24. Henry Rollins Black Flag 1983
  25. "Henry Rollins Black Flag 1983"

    got any more?
  26. Dennis? Anyone? Do you have any of John Lee Hooker?
  27. What's holding things up? Nearly 8 hours have gone by.

    >>>Hi Brad,

    Why don't you Email your improved version of Dylan to me. If I like it I'll give you the OK. A lot of things are much better handled "behind the scenes", such as this, and if they work out for the best everybody will be praising you as well as me for working together.

    Don't wait too long because here on the East Coast it's near 12:30.


  28. "Do you have any of John Lee Hooker?" MC: Maybe... If he played at Jazzfest in the early days I might have a shot of him. I recently found a bunch of old slides and negatives in my attic but I know I have more... ay least I did. In the meantime, I believe this is the late Chicago blues harp player, Junior Wells. Dennis
  29. Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown. If you're ever in New Orleans you're liable to run into Gatemouth at House of Blues where he has his own table and sometimes spends the day smoking his pipe and chatting with people.
  30. Yep, Dennis, that's Junior Wells alright.
    A real character, and a real musician, too.
    Darn good photo of him.
  31. What's holding things up? Nearly 8 hours have gone by.
    Sorry Al, your recent unfriendly emails caused your last one to get blocked by my email spam filter. Just got up - here it is. Starting with a higher rez version would be even better. [​IMG] Al's Dylan photo
  32. Thanks! It looks great on my screen! I have no idea what the res was. James scanned and posted it. I just know that the print looks fine.
  33. Brad is obviously much more skilled with digital than I am. Probably more skilled than most of the people I hang with. I'm looking forward to our setting an example of peace, love, and happiness on the Leica Forum. Let the New Era begin!
  34. Good to hear. Only Forum Fight Fans will lament an improvement in cooperation.
  35. Brad - If it's just a few steps, can you outline what you did ?

    Reason for asking: I took a few pics the other night (w/out flash) at a school theatre production where spotlights and dark shadows presented a challenge for me. Thanks.
  36. Another Rollins for Ravi
  37. Thank you Dennis, for those. If I'm ever in New Oreans I'll be checking that out... now what
    are you doing on the net get up into that attic and find those other photos!!! ;-)
    Regards, M.C.
  38. Michael, sure...

    1) Open Image>Adjustments>Levels and look at the histogram. You'll see there are no
    real blacks or whites - a tipoff the contrast isn't great. Bring the Black slider to the right
    while you hold down the Option key (on a Mac) - the areas affected will be highlighted -
    and adjust for taste. I don't mind clipping the blacks for this kind of photo - be careful to
    not affect their clothes. Ditto for the white slider, except move it to the left till you're just
    starting to clip whites. Move the middle gamma slider down until the brightness in his face
    looks better.

    2) Select the Burn tool for Shadows and with a 200 pixel soft brush. Swirl it around the
    background (not the people) for a second or two to make the blacks even blacker. This will
    make the subjects pop more.

    3) Select the Dodge tool for Highlights with a 65 pixel soft brush. Swirl it around lightly
    over the faces for half a second, and her shoulder and upper arm to bring out the
    highlights. Sharpen if you care to.

    That's it. A hack good enough for the web. For an exhibition print, I'd put a bit more time
    into it - selecting different areas as layers, being more fussy, etc.
  39. Thanks, Brad. I appreciate it.
  40. Stones in The Park - 1969
  41. The Who - later the same day !!
  42. I think the original post is much more personal, and smoother in reading from left to right.. in values. However, studying the histogram myself, which I rarely rarely do, depending more on my "nose"....or eyes, as it were....I found Joan's hair. This is still, whether in PhotoShop or the darkroom, the creator's decision....I'm sure he saw the hair...or any arbitray photographer...me..you....studying the negative....would see things like that.....then you make choices..... And Brad, I thought the whole point was...that "a hack good enough for the web" was not a choice....the idea is to bring the photographers photo/idea of his negative to it's best presentation web or no web. Sometimes the web photo is what must sell the print. It must sell it both as an image, and then yes, as a purchase. I really liked the black in the photos you showed me.......this system works much much better with your work.....is this the normal route you take there also. I was interested in that. Why don't you post some of those prints...I thought the contrast was striking and was going to ask if that was filters or PhotoShop or what.....used in those photos. And again, I'm posting this version with the preface that I like the original the best, and also, for Michael's sake....that you will run across many many options in correcting your photo files.
  43. Merely for aesthetics, I cleared up Joan's complexion.
  44. And Brad, I thought the whole point was...that "a hack good enough for the web" was not a choice....the idea is to bring the photographers photo/idea of his negative to it's best presentation web or no web.
    It's a fine choice - especially for playing with someone else's photo. On my own prints I don't skimp.

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