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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by nels, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Feel free to post any pics you haven't posted here before...

  2. Very tight crop of a young colleague. More to come, she promises... [​IMG]
  3. <img src="http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/4598306-lg.jpg">
  4. <img src="http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/4598283-lg.jpg">
  5. Nels, per godsake do something these friggin' frames you lazy son of a racoon
  6. I think that Nels's frames are fine, especially on the final shot. Frames can be nice. I never use them, but I'm not Nels or of that caliber anyway.
  7. Personally, I think the frames are a little over the top Nels, maybe too wide -great on the wall, but too much on the net!?

    James, a sweet looking colleague, more to come hey?
  8. Nel...Excellent photography - enjoyed seeing it. Were most of them taken on medium format?
  10. kissing
  11. <img src=http://static.flickr.com/72/173187355_775a5a4a72_o.jpg>
  12. <img src=http://static.flickr.com/65/173187356_13a248eeae.jpg>
  13. <img src=http://static.flickr.com/53/173187357_3d970ae295.jpg>
  14. last one
    <img src=http://static.flickr.com/56/173199767_8e9c0db23e.jpg>
  15. Great shots Rene!!!


  16. Thanks Anhtu. Nels, I like the first one and 12:06 a.m.
  17. Afzal - Peter A and I have both moved away from 35mm kids' stuff...we're in big league now with medium format. Check EXIF.

  18. robert milloy jun 23, 2006; 01:21 a.m.

  19. Thanks Robert...these two photos were among the first twelve on a "new" piece of equipment I just aquired. I was curious how they would look on the net....completely unmolested by PS.
  20. 08:10 (first one) is where it's at, Rene, also 08:15. nice.
  21. Rene: Something of a 'night man' -- these, your photo of the dog in the car parked in the alley ...

    You're getting a feel for the dark.
  22. robert milloy jun 23, 2006; 01:21 a.m; nice.
    Rene Braun, jun 23, 2006; 08:09 a.m; Yeah!
    [​IMG]</ center>
  23. robert milloy jun 23, 2006; 01:21 a.m; nice.
    Rene Braun, jun 23, 2006; 08:09 a.m; Yeah!
    [​IMG]</ center>

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