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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by nels, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Feel free to post anything new you've shot/processed.
  2. Nels, I'd like to see a couple of of your throw-aways. Indulge me. I'm always impressed with your posts. Great inferiority complex bait for some of us... Honestly, great stuff!
  3. nels - thanks for posting.. magnificient images, humbling really...
  4. I'm not crazy about the last pic, actually. There's no center of attention. The guy on the left is in shadow, and the rest of the pic is tourist-level... (Wanna fight?)
  5. Wow - extraordinary stuff, Nels. In a class of it's own.
  6. Thanks, James and Ken. The fact that I have no artistic/commercial pressures or expectations allows me to freely experiment with processing, compositions, and the like - all with great fun. I produce more than my fair share of duds, and often spot them in my posts here, sometimes right after I've posted them or sometimes a few days/weeks/months later. That doesn't faze me a bit with the drive to experiment more, and allow myself to get carried away by liking something about a pic enough to post it quickly.
    No fights, James. But to placate your need for "center of attention", I offer up yet another experiment - shot from a moving car through a window (why would I want to roll down the window of a nice comfortable air-conditioned car when it's hot and humid outside, with so must dust everywhere?).
  7. [This is the way the tree looked. The needles were soft. It was definitely an "evergreen;" unfortunately, it was reddish-orange, reddish-yellow. I have never seen "such" an evergreen. It may have been dead but if it was dead, it died gloriously!]
  8. [ i had only one to offer.]
  9. [​IMG]
    Cape of Good Hope
  10. [​IMG] my favorite part of the fall in Spain...the fresh roasted chestnuts [​IMG] not a bad alternative to borders
  11. [​IMG] my favorite part of the fall in Spain...the fresh roasted chestnuts [​IMG] not a bad alternative to borders.
  12. After one roll I really like this lens..
  13. This lens has to be one of the best for OOF areas..
  14. [​IMG]

    Tri-X, Voigtländer Color Skopar 50/2.5, M2.
  15. [​IMG]

    Tri-X, Voigtländer Color Skopar 50/2.5, M2.
  16. It is true that the Summilux 50 Non Asph delivers beautiful OOF areas.

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