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  1. Got new stuff? Let's see it.
    This week I'm taking a breather from Indian stuff in exchange for trying something...well...a little different. Still in the rangefinder spirit, of course...albeit in the very narrow range from 100mm to 400mm.
  2. A few of the close bird pics are terrific, especially the pelican pics. Not so much on
    the others..
  3. WERY nice; as well as the hartebeast
  4. I like the third one a lot.
  5. Really nice Nels - like the processing, too...
  6. Thanks, guys. I was inspired by Nick Brandt's book "On This Earth" - easily one of the best books on Wildlife photography that I've come across, and anyone with the slightest interest in the subject ought to take a serious look at. The dude spent four years in Africa for the book. I spent a little over four hours to get these shots. Hope it shows.
  7. Spectacularly good giraffe shots. Really humanizes them, as it were.
  8. >
    Yes, it does. And this is a reason Brandt's work is both praised and criticized. But I like the the giraffe photos, too. If this means I'm guilty of anthropomorphism, so be it.
    Where were you, Nels ?
    My photo isn't brand new, but was taken this summer at Kruger Natl Park in South Africa.
  9. Michael, I wasn't aware someone criticized Brandt's wildlife work. Could you please provide a link. I'm all the more in awe of his work considering that he shot most (almost all?) of it with a medium format film camera using a wide angle lens, getting very close to these animals. His "exploding elephant" shot is a superb example of what he achieved with this approach. His post-processing is also quite remarkable. He scans his film and does all his processing in PS.
    I was in the desert of San Diego, the Wild Animal Park.
  10. New stuff 14//
  11. Not a proper Leica....
  12. New stuff 14////
  13. Good to see some colors.
  14. Ha, my proper new Leica......
  15. Don't have a link on that, Nels. I heard the comment during an interview of Brandt, and it was incorporated into the question he was being asked. It was along the lines of:
    "Your work has come in for criticism by those who say ..... "
    And Brandt handled it very well -- not at all defensively, as I recall -- by saying that he agreed with those who believe that some of his photos might prompt viewers to attribute human characteristics to the animals.
    That's all I remember, and candidly, I just don't recall whether I saw that interview on a tv program such "Sunday Morning" (CBS) or what. Fast google search didn't help me locate it either.
    I think Brandt's excellent. And I think some of the amimals have a personality -- or in this case, as one of my old college roommates would say:
    Not personality, but rather "dogonality"
  16. rj


    I love animal pics.
  17. rj


  18. prompt viewers to attribute human characteristics to the animals Together....
  19. Michael, that's hardly the criticism I suspected anyone would have attributed to his work. I was thinking someone may have taken objection, for some strange reason, to his getting super close to animals in their own habitats and interfering with their world in some way. Anyway, I'm his fan, and will be looking out for his next book. Juding by his website, he's continuing to produce more excellent work.
  20. Nice!!!!

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