W/NW: MF Photo of the Month - May 2013

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by canwewin, May 10, 2013.

  1. 10th of May, it's time time to show your best shot. Pick up your favorite picture, share it with everyone, and enjoy. Last month we had a lot of great shots!
    Feel free to post more than one picture....
    Here's mine
  2. Here is a shot I took on a subway some 29 years ago with a Bronica SQ + 80/2.8 with 400 B/W film.
  3. Here is one more. This was shot in 1995 a Fuji GS645S Professional Wide 60 + Fujinon 60/4.
  4. Okay, one more with the Bronica SQ + 80/2.8...
  5. Gilliland Brook
  6. Whoops that was Tmax developer in above shot.
  7. Gateway issues, will try again.
  8. An old pair of ski boots, I got rid of them... never without taking a couple pics before.
  9. First roll in new (to me) Pentax 645 N II. Fujichrome Provia 100, P67 55mm f/4 lens with adapter, Minolta DiMage Scan MultiPro, SilverFast Ai, Lightroom 5 Beta
  10. Alex, "Subway 3 decades ago" is a really good photo!
  11. [​IMG]
    Rolleiflex 2.8E Tmax 400 Rodinal
    Ditto + Rolleinar 2.
  12. Had a training course to do in St. John's Newfounland, first week of April. Coming from Central Texas, I was shocked at the near freezing temperature, and frozen water on the ground. I had braved the TSA and Newark, NJ airport by hauling my prized Rolleiflex TLR along with me. Loaded up with HP5....was under-dressed! Not at all prepared for the cold. Anyhow, got a few pics in the hotel parking lot:
  13. Nice shots, Ryan!!!
  14. Sandy Beach, Acadia NP, Maine
    Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta A531 with 75/3.5 Jena Tessar on Verichrome Pan
  15. Thank you E. Short!! Couldn't do it now.
  16. Like the sign and snow, E. Short. It's cold here in Japan, but not that cold!
    Really fantastic shots so far! Glad I discovered this thread.
  17. Mamiya 7II, Velvia 100F, 43mm:
  18. Saracen Castle and Ampitheatre, Taormina, Sicily
  19. Gorgeous shot, Giovanni.
    Alex, what do you mean you, "couldn't do it now"? Because of more restrictive laws? I think all of your's and Clive F's photos of every life in Japan are wonderful.
  20. Mamiya 645AFD, Kodak Proback DCS645M @ ISO 100, 55-110/4.5 AF zoom @ 55mm, f/11, 15 seconds. Cropped off ~ 30%.
    Sort of a grab shot - camera on the floor (no tripod!), self-timer (no cable release!), family hissing at me to hurry up (no time to perfect the alignment!).
  21. E. Short. Thanks so much for your kind words. The recent laws on street photography are vague and I believe can be unreasonably selective for that reason. Because of a rash of cellphone camera upskirters, people here are very uptight about any candid photography on trains. In a lot of ways Internet has made people nervous about their privacy. A Bonica clacking away on a subway just would not work now. A pity. I photograph a lot of cats these days. Maybe Clive has a take on all of this.
  22. Dupe. Crateway issues.
  23. Fotodiox P67 to Nikon adapter with P165mm F/4 and Nikon D300
  24. Some really nice work so far. Also, I am surprised to see so many friends from the Leica/Rangefinder forum-- E., Alex, Ludwig, Michael. It's great to see all of you here!
  25. Through the Warehouse Window
    Mamiya 7ii / 65mm / Fujichrome 64T expired '97
  26. Taking Forever
    Mamiya 7ii / 65mm / Fujichrome 64T expired '97
  27. Jim, nice to see you here too :)
    Love your second shot!
    Here's another Infrared shot
  28. Thank you very much, sir.
  29. Here's mine.
  30. Here's mine
  31. Another one, in Rollei IR Film.
    Mamiya 6, 80 mm lens @ F11
  32. Another one.

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