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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by nels, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Caught some interesting storm light on this one.

  2. Very nice shots. Where is that lighthouse located?
  3. Jeffrey,

    Thanks. It's in Bermuda.
  4. Look carefully and you can see the age old tactic of 'hiding against the sun' being employed by the UFO that follows me everywhere (usually unseen)....
  5. Nice one, Trevor. Easily correctable in PS.

    I couldn't find enoug sun when I wanted, but I'm thankful for the clouds.

  6. I particularly like the last one, Nels - very moody. Nice.
  7. Ahh, Gibbs Hill...
    Canon EOS Elan IIe Ektachrome 100 Professional
  8. One day I'll learn to scan... ;-)
    Canon EOS Elan IIe Ektachrome 100 Professional
  9. Eric,

    Glad one of us had blue skies. Nice to see a different perspective and light on the same subject. As you can tell, the place was closed down for some work when I visited.

    What lens did you use?
  10. Nels-

    Those were probably shot with the EF 28-105 through a polarizer. The scans don't do them justice. I was never able to get the greens right. The weather was perfect that whole week we were there (October '04).

    Were your shots from your trip right after Fabian or the later trip? Gibb's Hill was still out when we were there, being lit with temporary beacons lashed to the railings. I was able to climb to the top. They were still working on restoring the main light.

  11. Here's a shot of St. David's Light, also in Bermuda. Some rather unfortunate power lines in the foreground, though...
    Canon EOS Elan IIe Ektachrome 100 Professional
  12. And another perspective on St. David's......
    Canon EOS Elan IIe Ektachrome 100 Professional
  13. Thanks, Mark.

    Eric, we were in Bermuda right around the time of Fabian, and were hoping we didn't have to deal with its full glory. We did get its "edge" and it made for some interesting clouds and rain for a couple of days.

  14. Here's something I just processed that also contains the Gibbs Hill lighthouse. Slightly wider size, but on my screen I still don't need to scroll.

  15. Not leica, but lighthouse.
  16. <img src=http://www.widereach.net/rodina/images/portfolio/lighthouse.jpg>
  17. Uh, oh...someone is feeling left out of all the fun....
  18. Looking forward to it, Peter. No pressure.
  19. But we spell it differently over here.
  20. I agree with Peter, Nels. You have a very good sense of humor. Sign of character to me. I love the light in the first one. It's what they call squall lighting. A really brooding sky with direct sunlight spilling through an opening in the clouds.
    Here's one just to piss off Peter. :)
  21. Peter - This is your reminder to post a lighthouse shot that's not "boring at batshyte". Have we given you enough time?

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