w/nw: Kapow, blam, wham, etc.

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by michael s., Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Lot of pent-up energy, frustration, hostility. Let 'er rip.
  2. Imaginary kapow is ok, too.
  3. sushi kapow
  4. Kick the spot!
  5. [​IMG]
    Click for details.
  6. The look on that fish's face makes me feel guilty for liking sushi. He looks like he knows what's going on here.
  7. Maria, that is a special photograph.
  8. Kent and John - Very glad you guys came along. When I came back to check in on this thread, I saw your comments and went back to Maria's picture which I'd somehow missed in an earlier visit. Some shot.
  9. you missed my shot, you missed my shot? :0) ... yeah, it would be a photograph but itsa overexposed snap. unfortunately, there were no chances for bracketing.
  10. "overexposed" only if you're the fish, Maria. -:)
  11. Pete (Mr Kapow) reports he's got no 'kapow' photos available, so here's Aussie tennis player Lleyton Hewitt.
  12. Carp sushi?

    Have fun with those intestinal parasites. I hear they can really help you lose weight!
  13. Or maybe the uncropped version is better -- the kids waiting in line crack me up:
  14. Andrew,

    Carp sushi if a bit freaky but Carp in Eastern Europe is harvested as a clean and delicious fish. ;-)
  15. Mark -

    I can almost hear it from here: "Ayaaaaaaah!"

    And you can see how that powerful yell has struck terror in the guy right behind him ... just as it's supposed to do.

    Good shot (even if it somehow reformatted the whole thread).
  16. Carp is good eating, but ANY uncooked freshwater fish will have parasites. Enjoy!

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