[W/NW] How we get our comestibles

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  1. At the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo:
  2. also at Tsukiji
  3. [​IMG] Same Place ...
  4. [​IMG] The New Fulton Market, New York
  5. Road-side fish stall in Delhi.
  6. another one from Tsukiji
  7. what ever Firefox does to the color space, it just kills your reds.
  8. [​IMG] DIY, Newfoundland Mamiya 7II, 80mm
  9. This thread is getting very fishy
  10. That is more accurate color in Firefox (on a Mac) this time. I kept it in Adobe RGB(1998) rather than convert to sRGB.
  11. right one this time
  12. color and contrast got killed.
  13. Ellis's table in use... [​IMG] filleting our morning catch, Newfoundland
  14. <img src="http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1015/1219831806_e289408982_o.jpg">
  15. Pork, the anti-fish, apparently, haha. I had to look up comestible to figure this thread out.
  16. "... my stomach is not a graveyard ..." - George Bernard Shaw.
  17. Sardines for everyone...
  18. [​IMG] Tsukiji day market

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