W/NW: Grls (warning: nudity)

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  1. I hope to see some fonky pictures here!
  2. girls in uniform
  3. 35 summicron
  4. Dixon reaches new heights... Powerful portrait!

    As always, I'm curious as to the technical details. M3 & 75'lux, I presumme...
  5. MP, Summicron 50/2, Superia 400
  6. <IMG SRC=http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?photo_id=1480858&size=lg>
  7. Suzanne with Boa No. 2
  8. Don´t know about fonky, but here´s a girl pic.
  9. 560mm/90mm
  10. Sheridan, that is one hell of a photo.
  11. Hardly a cracking photo, but it was the only "fonky" girl photo I could find on the HD. Some friends at a party...
  12. <img src = http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?photo_id=1633684&size=lg>
  13. Remember when "grls" were called "birds"?
    Nikon D1
  14. Mercy. I need to start hanging out with Chris Chen.
    Patrick, the first shot I posted was done with a Mamiya 645, 150 or 200 lens, and 11-megapixel digital back--the crop is about 20% of the entire image (and even cropped, it makes an excellent 9x12 inkjet). Here's another of Kelly with the same styling, but done in direct sun with an M3 and 50 DR-Summicron on FP4+.
  15. Thanks Mike. The color one has a better "clip" to it (can one say that in English?)

    Sure, Mike, come to DC and Chris & I will take you to some Spanish style parties! :)
  16. Mike:

    That's high praise coming from the man who wields the legendary Babemagnetar & whose work has inspired much of my "bar photography!" By all means, come on down & we'll hang. As Patrick suggests, although it is "Hollywood for Ugly People," we do have a few hotties here in DC (unfortunately, I can't say that they form a large part of my immediate social circle).


    "Mercy. I need to start hanging out with Chris Chen."
  17. Well, I don't have any nudity.
  18. Quite frankly, I'd rather hang out with me ; -)
  19. DAMN Marc!!! I'll have to reconsider my oft-issued statement that “I’d never do wedding photography professionally”!! If I were closer to Motown, I’d volunteer to hold your reflector on gigs.
  20. [​IMG]
    Boston Chinatown
  21. ... I agree John. That image is absolutely perfect.
  22. shoes
  23. Has the rules changed for posting pictures ?
    I see a lot of pictures wider than the 500 pxs and without captions.
  24. yeah now that i've finally managed to crop mine to displayable size...
  25. <center>
    <img src="http://www.photo.net/photo/1864686">
  26. Sorry, try again.
  27. Ralph, girls were referred to as birds when they were meant to be plucked. Marc, what is that thing the bride is wearing? Is it called a corset?
  28. This is the love of my life , photo taken by R6 , ELMARIT F2.8, Please give your opinion.
  29. sorry so small, its a little soft...
  30. Girls in the woods
  31. <img src=http://www.photo.net/photodb/image-display?photo_id=1867336&size=md>
  32. ....soooo, nudity isn't permitted because the human body is something to be ashamed of? Somebody fill me in here. I'll have to tell the staff at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to start covering up their paintings.

    -Steve (NYC, NY)
  33. Some people check Photo.net at work and prefer not to have photographs on
    their screen that may be unsuitable for the workplace. Therefore a "warning"
    is placed on the thread. I'm not sure if that answers your comment.
  34. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    "....soooo, nudity isn't permitted because the human body is something to be ashamed of? Somebody fill me in here."
    Who has told you this?

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