{W/NW}: From behind the windshield...

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  1. These were shot from behind the windshield of a moving car...

  2. Taking pictures of women and girls in Muslim countries is an extremely dangerous
  3. Jim,

    Since when did India become a muslim country? Did you hear it on Taliban radio?
  4. I think he means India before the partition?
  5. Queensway Tunnel Birmingham UK
  6. Not from behind a windshield, but shot in an Islamic Republic
  7. That's a Peace Sign from the alleged "Evil Empire"
  8. More scary Muslim people
  9. I couldn't resist this one, taken in Esfahan, Iran. And just think - Mr. Bush is planning to get these people under control.
  10. India a Muslim country? Of course not. But there are still a lot of Muslims there. Have you
    heard that the Indian P.M. is a Muslim? Regardless of where they live, Muslim men do not
    like it when children and women in their communities are photographed without
    permission. I respect them and I respect their customs.
  11. "Have you heard that the Indian P.M. is a Muslim?"

    It is my understanding that the Indian P.M., who wears a turban, is a "sikh" - which is not the same thing as muslim. In fact, I have heard of some sikhs being referred to as Hindu sikhs.

    The pics above were all shot near the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan, and I don't think those costumes that the women are wearing strike me as muslim costumes. I have seen some muslims in India, and their costumes are different.
  12. Interesting Jim. My experience in Iran and southern Thailand was that the majority of women and children were very happy to have their picture taken. Men did intervene on occasion, but "their" women were quite distainful of that and many had no hesitation about showing it.
  13. General statements almost always have exceptions. Unlike most Pnetters, I only have a 3-
    digit IQ. Unlucky me, I have not travelled to every country in the world, nor am I an expert
    in the culture of all the countries on planet Earth. I hope that my abject apologies will be

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