w/nw Farmers markets

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  1. blablabla
  2. blablablabla
  3. SCL


    Not Leica, but...
  4. Blablabla from Barcelona's Boqueria Market
    Leica M6TTL, 'cron 50/2, Scala
    Another from Barcelona...
    Same Leica gear
    Now, from my local farmer's market in DeKalb, IL...
    [​IMG]M6TTL, Hexanon 35/2, T-Max 100, developed by dr5.com
    And a final one... this time from a local art fair. The man here knows how to pose.
    Same Leica gear & film, developed by dr5.com
    Thanks a lot for starting this thread!
  5. Ah, cuanto extranyo el comer frutas y verduras con sabor autentico, a precios razonables. Muestran lo que es rareza por donde me encuentro.
  6. Can you believe the cost of fresh produce these days????
  7. Blabla from Southern Japan
  8. Francisco, my pleasure. Thanks for sharing. Gabriel, maybe its the euros, but I found everything sooo expensive. One more from the same farmer's market in Beaune.
  9. Glub glub from L.A. Farmer's market
    <img src="http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/3496379-md.jpg">

    Oh, IIIF Elmar Shkreww Mount

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