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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by nels, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. Got this so-called smart-phone with a 1.3MP camera built-in. What a joke...in any moving shot, I can't tell which instant the shot will be taken. Never thought shutter lag could ever be so bad...anyone else have a better cell phone cam? I guess I'm locked into a two year contract, so don't have a lot of choice right now...but who knows...

  2. Nels, I like them a lot. If it were me, I'd keep the cellcam and find new photo opportunities -
    like you have...
  3. Some of your best stuff Nels, kinda gritty and a much more informal style!
  4. Brad & Robert , I guess part of the surprize is not knowing what you will eventually get in the pic. But I agree, one of the first things that came to mind when I got the phone-cam was to sneak it in where I normally wouldn't or couldn't sneak in my 5D. This is as much fun as frustration.






  5. Great stuff, Nels. I think you're on a roll. Keep going...

    So, is your cellcam black or chrome?
  6. It's the default chrome version. Black paint version will be available starting in fall by a la carte program only...with a matching wrist strap and a Billingham carrying pouch.
  7. bluetooth? if so, how well does it work with your computer?
  8. Some better street shots here than I've seen with Leicas in the wrong hands!
  9. Nels, this is a very interesting thread. Thanks. Inspired me to research what half decent cam phones are available.
  10. Good stuff, Nels!
  11. Interesting thread.

    Some nice shots there Nels. Well done.
    Perhaps you would like to share what phone these were taken with?

  12. "I'd keep the cellcam and find new photo opportunities - like you have..."

    Now that's good advice. Your images with this thing are great, better in fact than a lot of images posted here. I'd say it's working for you.
    Good images come from your eyes and brain, you are obviously observant and are seeing the world around you, and have the motivation and ability to create images of what you see, that's something most people just don't possess, you got it. I like them,
  13. I forgot to add- want to read a great article?


    I love Chip Simons work.
    Go see his website too.
    It's not your gear that makes the difference.
  14. Nels, the fellas aren't kidding. What makes these shots for me is the nearness and the sense that things are movin'. There's life in these photos. The element of chance and the uncertainty are working in your favor on these. It'd be safe at this point, Nels, to sell off all that other gear you've been using. -:)
    Like yours too, Graham. Suggestive of an altered state, I think.
    And the -- how to say this ? -- optical idiosyncracies: they sure don't hurt in this format.
    For a funny take on extended shutter lag on an earlier Nikon p & s digital, see Phil Greenspun's review of the Nikon 775, which he terms the "Dada camera."
  15. How about an M baseplate as thick as a Leicavit incorporating a cell phone?
  16. Mick, these are with Cingular 8125.

    Thomas - I connect the phone with the PC using both bluetooth and USB2 cord, preferring to mostly use the cord because it charges the phone as well.

    Thanks guys, consider the 5D sold. Yeah right! This opens up a new playground.
  17. Thanks guys, consider the 5D sold. Yeah right!
    Trade it for a Luigi half-case for your cellcam.
  18. there's actually a phone in that thing?

    ......oh yeah, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom of the list of features
  19. Sony Ericsson W810i looks pretty good for me.
  20. Randy, I just checked out that Chip Simons website...very cool..thanks. This quote of his resonated particularly well with me (among others, of course):

    "Sometimes what you do for relief of an uncomfortable feeling or from boredom might just generate cool pictures."
  21. On train from Ostrava to Vienna.. Nokia 6600 "cam".
  22. That's nice, Juha...ideal turf for cell cams...

  23. I am now officially floored by the quality of your work, or should I say, your eye. This is just further proof "It's the Indian, not the arrows." There's an old saying "That dog can hunt." Well, for Nels_ it's "That dude can shoot!"

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