W/NW: Castelbuono, Sicilly, December 2006

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  1. Castelbuono is situated in the hills at abt. 100 km east of Palermo. Famous for its castle, its "Mannetto" (a sweet produced with the resin of the local mannash-trees) and its friendly people. Villagers from surrounding towns often come down to Castelbuono to have a chat and a drink in one of its many traditional "piazze". Technical notes: scanned on a Canon desktop scanner (sorry!)and shot with a Leica MP, 35 mm Summicron f/2 asph on Kodak Tri X 400 film.
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  3. Suggest that you add a tripod and bubble level to your Leica kit.
  4. Great choice of subject matter and great tonality. You have the B&W process well under control. But . . . I wish you would hold the camera straight.
  5. Rob F:"You have the B&W process well under control" well, I'm not so shure about that... The
    photographs look much to contrasty on my screen.
  6. I spent a week in Sicily shooting everything. Usually great light for shooting and always something worth capturing. Getting pictures level in Sicily isn't always easy as level isn't always the way it is. A wide angle lens like yours is perfect in a country where a Fiat 500 looks full size.

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