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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by r s, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. r s

    r s

    Was in San Francisco's 'Camera Heaven' a few weeks ago and snapped this photo.

    Olympus 35SP, Kodak BW400CN

    Did a short write-up as well here for anyone that wants to know more about the place.
  2. I do hope that film industry do make a come back. I know they are still active, but declining In Japan I think only Nikon makes film cameras, but it is just time before they too stop and go all digital.
    I know digital technology has developed fast with imporved quality in images. I myself has a digital camera along with my film camera.
    Dica is simple and fast with quick results, but it can never replace the feel and the fun I get from film camera( taking picture -> processinf the film -> selection for printing - finally printing: to me the whole process itself is art). I know it tkae time and effort to manipulate images I take on photoshop, but it is nothing compared to processing the film and pictures as a whole. I also don,t like autofocus, I enjoy manual focus very much and It is part of the fun.
    After nearly 30yrs of taking film photography, I would hate to give it in the future, I also invested heavy to.
  3. Small camera shop in Yakima WA
  4. I'm going to have to check that place out. Okay, I'm shooting all digital, but I do enjoy a real
    camera store with real cameras of all kinds on the shelves. If you're ever in Monteray don't
    miss Camera West. Anyone who loves Leicas... man oh man... I'm not even that into them
    personally, and I could barely drag myself away. They have a whole room dedicated to Leica,
    from very old to brand new. Also tons of medium and large format stuff, again both old and
    new, plus the latest digital in all formats as well. Definitely a place not to miss.
  5. Camera shop in Lahore, Pakistan. His favourite selling line was "I give you special price because you are my friend". I hardly knew him and had met him for the first time in my life.
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  7. Last try- honest!
  8. here ya go.
  9. Afzal - Just needs a caption to display on the thread.
  10. Paul & Michael- Many thanks.
  11. You're welcome, Afzal. Alternatively, you can link a photo, either from a photo.net gallery or another site, by typing: 1. [​IMG] 2. Then select "HTML" from the drop-down menu before you hit "Submit" 3. This will show you a preview of your photo (no preview = no good) 4. Assuming the preview is ok, you "Confirm." Linked photos can be wider than 511 (see above) but should still be reasonable in dimensions and overall file size should be approx 100 kb max.

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