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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by h._p., Feb 26, 2004.

  1. There are a number of 'rules' of composition that we are told make
    pictures more interesting but it sometimes doesn't pay to follow them
    too closely. I'm sure this picture breaks several of those rules but,
    hey, don't those enormous eyes make even the hard hearted among you
  2. And, of course, posting the picture helps.....
  3. m_.


    uh...which rule did you break? :)

    What a sweetie.
  4. Aaarrgh!! Cats! The servants of the devil.
  5. Thou shall not take pictures of pets. - is that the broken rule? ;-)
  6. Harvey, thats my cat!
  7. Nice pic Harvey.
  8. Not in my house. "Those enormous eyes" make me wanna stomp on the floor and say "Poop in the corner and yer out in the snow, fella", or: "Scratch my sofa once, just once, and I put you in the closet with the Rottweiler." I love Leica, I love doggies, I may even love Harvey sometimes (platonically of course), but cats rhymes with brats too much for me.
  9. i'll break a few...
  10. Harvey, the composition is fine but the background is indeed distracting.

    Beau, what can I say? Nice.
  11. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

  12. Harvey, ... your approach to photography almost gives me the feeling of having a kindred spirit. I think the Leica forum has the most interesting postings on PhotoNet. Lots of pictures that aren't "perfect," but they are so satisfying. Anyway, ... you're right about the rules. In your shot, what might be criticized is the lighter areas that draw the eye of the frame. Somewhere I read to watch out for such stuff on the edges (and there's a little unexpected dark working it's way in on the right corner). But the dark cat holds you in. And, ... well okay, maybe the face is too centered and you could drop out more of the background, just focus on the face. But what works is the lines formed by the background that lead to the face and those wonderful eyes that are locked on you.

    Unless you are contriving to control completely everything in a shot (which might yield a perfect photo, and one that may seem also sterile), you have to accept some of what doesn't work in a shot. Life is that way. I guess I'm a fan of found shots, instead of heavily orchestrated ones. That's what bugs me about the digital era, ... all this constant "fiddling" with an image. It seems that people are all too concerned about ratings, what people might think of them, and somebody else's standards about what is worthwile to record as an image. Loved your cat's pic. I've got two cats at the moment and a pit bull my son brought home. Wish I could upload pics but I don't have any digital cameras, scanners, or photo programs. Not yet, ... anyway. CC
  13. <img src="http://s93887327.onlinehome.us/blood.jpg">
  14. <img src="http://s93887327.onlinehome.us/painterly.jpg">
  15. <img src="http://s93887327.onlinehome.us/12.jpg">
  16. <img src="http://s93887327.onlinehome.us/SaltShaker.jpg">
    salt shaker

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