{W/NW}: Beach in Square

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by nels, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. http://i.pbase.com/o4/35/596435/1/56933487._MG_4803_small_border
  2. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

  3. You forgot the copyright stuff, dude.
  4. I like the second pic. Crystal Cove?
  5. Anthony, it's the Elbow Beach in Bermuda. Thx.
  6. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    right, thanks Nels.
  7. Hold on, I'll run out and buy a 21" monitor.
  8. <img src="http://www.stuartrichardson.com/holga-runner.jpg">
  9. Nels, like the first one. What sharpening technique are you using , if any?

    Stuart, nice, holga? I suggest dodging a little on the boy running, what you think?;>
  10. OCULUS New York

    OCULUS New York Still shooting, but posting less here.

    The way it came out of the Rolleiflex.

    <img src=http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/1820746-lg.jpg>
  11. BISQ
  12. Thanks, Travis. I do no sharpening in RAW conversion. In the final output file at 72dpi, 800 pixels wide, I usually first apply Local Contrast Enhancement of about 13/40/0, followed finally by Photokit Sharpener "800-pixel web output" option from the drop-down menu.

    FWIW, here are the color versions of the above.


  13. ...almost square

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