{W/NW}: Beach Bikers

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by nels, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. http://i.pbase.com/o4/35/596435/1/56172732.FourBikersontheBeach.
    jpg Leica Digilux 2
  2. Excellent Nels! I think this is my favorite of your recent images.
  3. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    i like it too, great grab. do you know "cntrl T" in PS?
  4. Here is my beach biker ... Lina! <br><br>

    <img src="http://d6d2h4gfvy8t8.cloudfront.net/10009804-md.jpg"> <br><br>

    Camera: Bessa T <br>
    Lens: Summicron 90/2
    Film: Fuji 100
  5. Thanks, Stuart and Eric.

    Eric - What do you mean Ctrl+T? Something with transform? Do you see anything wrong? Please elaborate. Needless to say, but criticisms are always welcome.
  6. Nels, where is that photo from?
  7. Barry, it's from Santa Monica beach, north of the pier. My previous hometown.
  8. Ahh, at first I thought it might be huntington beach because they have a similar bike path in
    the same basic place, but then the life guard station seems different. Cool. But it sure has the
    look of a West Coast So CAl beach.

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