w/nw [at least] Two lens adapters were required to take this photograph on a Leica M-series

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  1. 1. Contax to Leica LTM coupler. 2. 28/90 LTM to M adapter. I have the same stuff. Nice shot.
  2. The equipment that captured the image is unusual.
    The lens is a "C" version, identified by an engraved "C" on the barrel, of the 'Nikkor-P 1:2 f=8.5cm.' It was manufactured for the post-WW2 Contax by Nikon.
    The Contax RF and the Nikon RF lens mounts, and lenses, are 'oooohhh' so close' but they are not quite the same; wide-angle lenses, for practical purposes, are interchangeable because of DOF and the COC.
    I used a Leica to take the picture. I used a Nikkor lens designed for a Zeiss Contax using two(2) adapters.
    (Can you?)
    In one photograph, I used ALL three ICONIC manufacturers of rangefinder cameras/lenses.
    And, I even like the photograph.
  3. I've used Voigtlander Prominent to Nikon S-Mount to M-Mount before. But mostly use the Nokton on the Nikon S2.
  4. Johnny, does the Nikkor really produce such weirdly blotchy bokeh both in front and behind the plane of focus – or did you tinker with the iconic photo software ?
  5. The Nikkor 85/2 is a Sonnar-type lens. The photograph was shot wide-open, i.e. f/2. I did adjust the contrast, straighten the 'horizon' and crop as necessary but no other manipulations. The image is almost the entire negative. The DOF is narrow. The background contains a pond, with reflections, and many trees with and without winter leaves. There is lots of brown winter grass.
    I like the Sonnar-design generated bokeh; it is very indistinct with very little detail of any kind. The bokeh generated by Sonnar-design lenses reminds me of the way water-colors can blend and run into one another. And, this lens is quite sharp in the center.
  6. Thanks for the explanation, J.! Yes, that's exactly (and put in much better) what I meant by 'blotchy'. I'm quite stunned that a lens can produce such OOF area effect/bokeh by itself. - Obviously no Sonnar-type teles in my bag. At least not yet...
    Cheers, Pete

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