W/NW 2022 Pic-O'-The-Week #21

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  1. Welcome everyone to Week 21 of 2022, the Leica and Rangefinders W/NW Thread! Here’s a scene of W. 50th Street, New York, using my favorite medium format rangefinder, the Bronica RF645.


    Bronica RF645, 65mm f/4 Bronica Zenzanon-RF, Ilford Delta 3200, HC-110B
  2. Ercona-2acr.jpg
    Ercona 2 (post-war Zeiss Ikonta C from the Soviet Occupied Zone of Germany)
  3. My contribution - the rain has gone, but coming back. I may have posted these before - forgive me if so. All with my monochrom and go to 75mm lens.



    Regards, Arthur.
  4. These were taken around Los Angeles. They are either with a Leica M7 and 35 mm Cron, or with a Contax G2 with 35 mm lens.



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  5. Here are 3 photos from Bill Blackwell he took last Monday on his Leica M10-P - CV 40mm Nokton. Bill sends his apologies as he's having technical difficulties with the site. It's being worked on, so hopefully Bill will be able to resume posting again soon. He has the same tech issues I had a while back.
    L1001541BW copy.jpg L1001538BW copy.jpg L1001544BW copy.jpg
  6. M246 Monochrome today, with the 135mm f3.4 APO Telyt-M and B+W Yellow Filter.

  7. That last shot is brilliant. Regards Arthur.
  8. I'm back!

    It started off with me not being able to access the forums, but ultimately I couldn't sign in at all. It was a real cluster, but I've been sorted out.

    Many thanks to Barry Fisher who posted this week's POW W/NW contributions and ran interference for me.
  9. Thanks Arthur. A friend and I were photographing in Hollywood, CA and I came across this beautiful women. We were talking to her, and I asked if I could take her pic. She was happy to do so. It was on a corner with a sushi restaurant behind us with the art on the wall. Couldn't resist so I placed her there, and ja Ala. The pose was spontaneous on her part, and who was I to argue with it? She mentioned she did model and turned out to be very camera friendly.
  10. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood' - Robert Frost. They are great photos, evocative. Greg M's photo is likewise. Thanks, Arthur.
  11. Barry, your first photo, has the soul.

    But folks have to look, and look again. Few folks do.

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