W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #52

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by allancobb, Dec 31, 2021.

  1. Welcome everyone to Week 52, the final week of 2021 and the Leica and Rangefinders W/NW Thread! Here's a shot of the Potomac River as 2021 "sunsets." Wishing everyone a prosperous, healthy and Happy New Year!


    Leica m240, 90MM F/2.5 Summarit-M
  2. A lovely shot Allen. I'll try and upload a couple of shots from a IIIf with a Russian 5cm lens on FP4. Both done Christmas eve. It may not work - the files are probably too big. We have rels visiting, so I can't get to my computer, and this one seems to be quite different. So may post again next week. Happy and safe new year. Regards, Arthur. Yep, didn't work - too large. Post again later. Anyway, have a great new year.
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  3. Trying again. Regards, Arthur. A couple of shots of our NDIS workers who support my disabled step son. Well, only one. And pretty poor quality as a downsized file.

  4. Many thanks, and yours looks quite fine even after the downsize, nicely done! A blessed New Year to you as well.
  5. Agree with Allan, very nice portrait Arthur. Here's a couple I took a few years back at the LA County Museum of Art. It was for the Robert Maplethorpe exhibit. Happy and Healthy New year all.

  6. They are good, better than very good. Whatever you think of Maplethorpe, and there are diverse views. He was a great photographer. To see his images in an exhibition. You are blessed. It's troubling here to show his photos. My beautiful spouse is a 'born again' believer. Can't quite come at some of his images. Keep safe, covid free -
    though it's gone crazy here. Good new year. Regards, Arthur. And here's the other NDIS worker - again a IIIf, FP4, with some unknown 5cm LTM Russian lens - JDM would know it in a shot. I don't know cyrillic. I do know latin and koine greek, but that's it. I am trying, in my decrepitude, to learn biblical hebrew - but it's so strange. Keep safe. Regards, Arthur minee1.jpg
  7. Thanks Arthur. LA being such a major cultural center in the U.S. along with NYC, Chicago and San Francisco and other places, has it's share of great photo exhibits coming through. I think over the years, San Francisco's MOMA has had even better. I've been fortunate to see, just to name a few, Maplethorpe, Eggleston, Robert Franks, Richard Avedon, Robert Adams, The Blocs [sp], Irtube, the FSA photographers including Walker Evans, Ben Shah and Dorothy Lange. Catherine Opie, Daido Moriyama, and that's just a few. The one show I did miss and wish I hadn't was Diane Arbus' retrospective. Another really good show was Larry Sultan who shot documentary about the porn industry in the San Fernando Valley. Again, a controversial topic, but he was an excellent photographer that didn't glamorize his subjects as perhaps Maplethorpe did. Just to bloviate on some more, the Maplethorpe retrospective was divided into two exhibits. One at LACMA and the other at the Getty, which also has great photography exhibits. His work was shocking and revelatory, but also some of his photos are just beautiful. Being a city boy does have some perks. California is nice in that regard, is I can be hiking in the mountains in So Cal in an hour, or the beach on my bicycle in 45 minutes., etc. But the downsides of lots people are there as well as the benefits.​

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