W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #5

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  1. Leica M10-P
    CV 75mm Heliar Classic f/1.8


    B&W via Nik (Panatomic-X)
  2. From a few years ago, Dingxi Station, Taipei
    M6, 15/4.5 CV Super-Wide Heliar, TMax 100

  3. Bert, nice with the Canon 7, 50/0.95 combo. I've been shooting some test rolls then processed in Diafine to see how it works with various situations/films. How do you like it and what do you mean by "modified?" Was it just the presoak? Thanks and cheers, Allan
  4. Yes, agree with allancobb's comments - quite atmospheric. I don't pretend to know, or understand, the technicalities. Regards, Arthur
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  5. My one shot is prosaic. Haven't been out in days. A flower - yes it has come to this. Shot today, of a strange bulb that emerged in our front yard and has now flowered. Monochrom with go to zeiss lens (I am dickering at the moment about the monochrom M10 - very pricey, and I suspect to get true value from it, most shots would have to be tripod based - but still 'I have heard the sirens singing each to each'; not sure they've yet sung to me. Regards, Arthur

    flower-1.jpg ATTACH]
  6. That is an evocative shot, viktor_gruber. Well done. I may have cropped out the foreground, but that's a comment of taste and preference, not of substance. The Olympus - how the mighty have fallen. Keep safe, Arthur.
  7. 0000L&R Curva Cuesta Abajo Sentado Sombrero-Tele-Elmar135.jpg

    0001L&R Perspectiva Efecto Telefoto-Tele-Elmar135.jpg

    0005L&R HighKey Anciano Fumador Pipa Cachimba Fumando-Tele-Elmar135.jpg

    0008L&R Banasta Cesto Panes Verja Ventana-Tele-Elmar135.jpg the four pictures with (1964) Tele-Elmar M 135 on Fuji X-.E2
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