W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #46

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  1. Welcome to Week 46 of the Leica and Rangefinders W/NW Thread! Here's a night scene along the beach at Cancun Mexico.

    Leica M240, 35mm f/2.5 Voigtländer Color-Skopar

  2. Leica M4-P, Summarit 75mm, F2.4

    phUntitled (13) copy.jpg
  3. Leica M4-P, Summarit 75mm, F2.4
    phUntitled (13) copy.jpg
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  4. From the archives this week. ...


    P1010126PBW copy.jpg
  5. Last Gasp
    Red-goat-skin-covered FED-2
  6. A few photos, from a early morning walk today, from my M240 Zeiss 50mm planer.

    I have come to the conclusion my M240 is bonkers. Press the big button, the photo is totally underexposed, press it again, and the exposure is spot on. And it nags!...Holy Moses a nagging camera. "your lens is not 6 bit coded" And the two menu system, and various buttons on the camera err.

    But it is a fun camera for me, and its idiosyncrasy does not really bother. Probably me, struggling to get around that idiosyncrasy.

    Anyway, a few photos .

    copy 4.jpg

    copy 5.jpg

    copy 4.jpg

    copy 3.jpg
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  7. Double posting - been there done that. It's good, very good. A model, a spouse, a friend? Tell me the technical details. Bravo. Regards, Arthur
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  8. They are so good, Bill Blackwell Images. Reminiscent of those US late 19th C and early 20th C pictorialists who found God's cathedral in nature. We had some here in Oz: Hurley would be the best example. Bravo.
  9. That's good - you seem to do things with Russian agricultural cameras that are so impressive. Regards.
  10. Allen Herbert - it's all character building. We may genuflect to the prophet, Oscar Barnack, but at the end of the day, images like these are beautiful, whatever. Regards, Arthur.
  11. "Allen Herbert - it's all character building. Arthur.

    Indeed, I'm working on it. I just know, one day, if I put a lot of work in....I will be a proper built character. Yes, I will .
    I would like be one of those super hero's. At best, I would like to be Batman, his super cool. Arthur. Would you like be like be a super hero, Arthur.

    We could save humanity, from its follies together. Or, maybe not.

    Probably not.


    Time for a photo...
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  12. My contribution. From yesterday afternoon at the pub - a trio called 'The Turnups'. Shot with a monochrom and my 75mm go to lens.




    Keep safe and best wishes, Arthur
  13. Thank you Arthur. I have sometimes problems with downloading my pictures and I do not know how to delete second post. In this case photonet painted this picture in blue , the original color is white. This is a my friend. Camera was Leica M4-P, lens Summarit 75mm F2.4, film Adox CMS 20 II.

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