W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #4

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  1. Welcome everyone to Week 4 of 2022, the Leica and Rangefinders W/NW Thread! Here's a shot of Printers Alley, Nashville Tennessee, with my Leica-like Bronica RF645.


    Bronica RF645, 65mm f/4 Zenzanon-RF, Kodak T400CN
  2. I think I could have had a good time in Nashville at one point in my life.
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  3. Most definitely… I sure did and I was there for only one day and one night. So many venues and eateries to choose from!
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  4. allancobb, I love it: the 'climax' saloon - even with the electrical wires. It beggars my mind what you'd get. Two things - bronica's are amazing, the optics are second to none, you are blessed with a bronica rf; in another life, I'd love to go to Nashville. My contributions are from an 'Australia Day' piss up party this Wednesday (it is a problematic celebration, given that many Indigenous people regard it as 'Invasion Day'. And they are probably right in that). The first, a young lad, with a flag - it is an occasion for a crude recrudescent nationalism:


    The second and third are patrons at the party:



    The final is of the band, flag in the background, who let moderately insensible people sing, to their later shame:


    As a paean to Australia Day, if you can stand the preamble, Eric Bogle's 'Shelter'. It's worth waiting for the song, he rambles: . All done with my monochrom and 75mm go to lens.

    Regards, Arthur
  5. Snow-laden practice cages
    Auto-focus, not "rangefinder"
    Konica C35 The Ur-Autofocus
  6. Thank you Arthur! The Bronica RF645 has to be one of the best-designed film cameras ever made... very ergonomic, outstanding meter, super-sharp lenses, sooth and quiet operation. Too bad it came out just before the advent of practical digital. And Nashville is great! Lots of music, food, drink, and fun (much like what you see in your last image!).
  7. As usual I show up late. A busy week, weather has improved and am trying to get the garden ready for another year. If you care to see what keeps me busy and has been therapy during the pandemic, take a look at the thread in "accessories" section called BIG tripod.

    You certain meet some interest people Arthur, thanks for the photos. Allan, very nice. I've enjoyed back alleys and wide angles for many years, that's where you often find interesting images.

    This one with the M4 and 21mm made me chuckle. Spellings on signs is often less than perfect. Puducherry India.
    ***** Don't let friends drink and spell *******

  8. Here I am talking about spelling and can't see my own errors. Oh well, blame it on old eyes and out of date lenses. Need new glasses, but not keen on going into the big city just yet. Had to dig into the archives for a down an alley photo. This one was shot during an episode of going walkabout many years ago.

    If you happened to live in Kabul during the earlier seventies and needed a kilo of hamburger meat this is probably where you would shop. They would chop it up while you waited. It saddens me to hear of what the people have been put through since this photo was shot. 3G , 5cm Elmar Agfa CNS (80 ASA)

  9. I'm a big fan of Eric Bogle back from his Scottish days. "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" is one of, if not the greatest anti-war songs ever written.
  10. [​IMG]
    These are photos of one of my best friends taken at LA County Museum of Art using what is now considered the "poor man's Leica" the Fuji X-Pro 2, which has an optical viewfinder with a focusing spot in it and is very close in practical use to a Leica M. Sometimes, I put M lenses on it as well. Here's one with the 50 sum micron 4th version taken of the subject above's husband at their wedding reception.
  11. GlennS. That shot is brilliant. Locked up? I suppose it is a treatment for 'alcoholism'. If I can be rude, and you do not have to respond, of course, tell us about your time on the subcontinent. Your Afghanistan shot is evocative. Really special. And the tragedy that ensued. I like to think photos only derive their meaning from the context of their creation. I am intrusive, but I'd like to know. Regards, Arthur
  12. The last shot is exceptional. Bravo. Regards, Arthur. Wouldn't have thought you could get that close. Whatever, it's magic.
  13. Arthur, I think was sitting across the table to his left from him and I think I even had to lean back to get it in focus if I remember correctly. The 50 doesn't really have a very good close focussing range.
  14. Oops, to his right.

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