W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #4

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  1. Leica M-P 240

    CV 21mm Ultron f/1.8 VM

    Zeiss 25mm Biogon f/2.8 ZM
  2. 0055L&R Solitaria Chica Pelo Largo Calle Teleobjetivo Perspectiva-Tele-Elmarit-M90.jpg

    0047L&R Río Duero Casas Picado Ribeira Desde Gaia-Tele-Elmarit-M90.jpg both Tele-Elmar M 90 on Fuji X-E2​
  3. another oldie
    Canonet QL17 - one of the "poor person's Leicas"
  4. In response to JDMvW's Canonet shot here's one on the other end of the scale. Linhof Super Technika V with 150mm Symmar on 4x5". I bought the camera used over four decades ago for less than I paid for some Leicas. Besides the 150mm I've got a 90mm Super Angulon and 240mm Tele-Arton, all with cams for rangefinder coupling.
    Unfortunately it's not getting much use these days, but am always hopeful. Have started work on a converted golf cart to carry the large format gear and tripod without breaking my elderly back.

    I was going to visit a friend and show him the Linhof, but upon arrival he was busy repairing the roof. Decided to take a shot Texas Leica fashion..... ;-)

  5. Now that is an interesting shot. A lot could be read into it. Regards, Arthur
  6. My shots are prosaic. I know I have no warrant to talk about them, and I will anyway. A dinner today with some of my partners children. You have seen these people all before, but we had an 'outbreak' of covid here in NSW and I and my staff decided to go 'tharn'. Isolate. All photos with my monochrom (I am toying with buying the new monochrom, but it seems so pricey), 75mm Voigtlander (aka Cosina).

    So, her son. Don't you like the tatts as well as the monochrom's propensity to blow out the highlights

    this week-1.jpg

    This is Jan's daughter - been thru a rough time she has.

    this week-2.jpg

    And her disabled son,

    this week-4.jpg

    And my beautiful wife

    this week-3.jpg

    So, sorry for the indulgence. Bit of mayhem here. Not been out to take photos. Regards, Arthur.
  7. Ducks from today. Jeez, I bet they were cold ,I was.

    Liked the patterns in the water.

    Leica x113 L5530839.4jpg.jpg

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