W/NW 2021 Pic-O'-The-Week #3

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  1. Welcome everyone to Week 3 of 2022, the Leica and Rangefinders W/NW Thread! Here is a "reflective" view alongside a wooded Maryland trail.


    Leica M8, 35mm f/2.5 Voigtländer Color-Skopar PII
  2. Not much response...may invite folks to join in who use rangefinderish looking cameras but technically are not rangefinders?
  3. Certainly! We’re not picky here, it’s all about the images. :)
  4. The reflection makes you think that you are actually looking up. Neat.
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  5. I've been isolating so how about some from my last wander around India pre-pandemic......
    All with M4 and 21mm Super Angulon on Tri-X in 1:1 D76

    Down a Delhi back alley


    A grab shot. As I walked by, caught motion in the corner of my eye. When I saw what it was, swung the camera up and got this shot. I usually leave the lens set near the hyper-focal distance for times when there's no time to focus accurately. 21mm DOF is also a big help.
    Puducherry, South India


    Spectators at a bocce game. The fellow in front turned at the exact instant the shutter was released.
  6. Thanks David! Yes, the creek was very still and mirror-like that day.
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  7. M262 and 35mm f1.4 Summilux M FLE, raw file processing in Photoshop/Adobe Camera raw.

  8. Now, they are good. The lack of smog dates them. How goes it with covid in India? I would suspect disastrous. I too, like you, am isolating. Now triple jabbed, but it's been bad news here. Will try to post a couple of old shots. Keep safe. Regards, Arthur.
  9. Like GlennS, our family has been isolating (relatively speaking) and dealing with the world thru masks. So a couple of old shots. The first done with a IIIf, summitar 50mm, FP4, and a bit of 'pushing' in lightroom. The second with the monochrom, 75mm go to lens. Keep safe. We've been told that the omicron variant has just about reached its peak here. Who knows? Whatever, herewith my photos. You will note the problems I have with lint free processing, also cropping issues. Sometimes good, sometimes pretty atrocious:


    We have 'Australia Day' this coming Wednesday. I hope to get some shots. It is a contentious and divisive day. For some celebrating settlement, for others, regretting invasion. Keep safe. Regards, Arthur
  10. [​IMG]


    Leica purist? or Leica looking tourist?
  11. Now that's cryptic. Explanation? By the way, they are good shots.Regards, Arthur.
  12. GlennS, a couple of ex-India shots of mine. I envy you. It is such a rich country, Full of diversity, let alone electrical wiring - I suspect it resembles Vietnam - and generosity (I spent a week in the ram mohan lohia hospital back in the 1980's). These are not rangefinder shots, but you evoked some old memories for me:
    The first, if it works, a young woman:

    young woman.jpg

    The second, a young man

    young man.jpg

    The third a young boy dressed up as a girl - touristic: we were on a tour and they promised a dance, but young girls could not be let out at night. So, their brothers dressed up.


    Again I envy you. Such diversity, such richness. I should say that the ram mohan lohia hospital was exemplary. Amoebiasis is not something you want on a holiday. These days it's covid. Keep safe, keep well, get vaccinated, double shot and booster. Regards, Arthur, and thank you for the reminders of my past in your excellent photographs.
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  13. See Sanford's above.
  14. Actually, if you look back, many of us have been doing this all along. I figure anything with a viewfinder is sorta 'game'.:rolleyes:

    "finder" but no "range"

    (then, I have often been a scofflaw)
  15. Continuing on the India theme ... this is from February 2020, just as the pandemic was getting attention in India.

    Mala beads anyone? I think I bought two strands from this guy for my sisters. 2020-02 Carl's photos India and SL - 1 of 1.jpeg
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