W/NW 2020 Pic-O'-The-Week #52

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  1. Happy new year everyone!
    This week's W/NW begins with some of the last snaps of the year - all taken with my M10-P (lenses are indicated). 2020 is nearly gone! But what an strange year it was!!

    L1000722P(B&W).jpg L1000728P(B&W).jpg L1000726P(B&W).jpg
    Leica 90mm Elmarit-M

    CV 28mm Ultron VM

    Leica 50mm Asph Summilux-M
  2. 2-Canon-VL2-C50-1,8.jpg
    Canon VL2 50mm f/1.8
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  3. So my contribution. All from a local piss-up yesterday. All 'celebrating' 2020 new years eve, and thinking that 2021 will be Part II. Again, monochrom and 75 mm 'voiftlander' (aka cosina) lens. All with ramped up ASA. All around f5.6

    So Paul and Kim. Relatives, on my spouse's side.

    new year-1.jpg

    Others: friends of a friend (I keep offering to do 'tasteful' nude photos with her. She continues to decline). This is Rowley. A fine young man. He graduated from an SDA college at Avondale recently.

    new year-4.jpg

    This is Aaron, my friend's son, with his current consort, Anne (at least that's what I think her name was). An American refugee who got to the great land of Oz in January, just before the world shut down. Aaron was not always this tubby, but has beefed up recently. They are both beautiful people.

    new year-6.jpg

    And this is Eddie, another of her sons. The shot shows a great mistake: never let nostrils be seen. His haircut reminds me of that old Cheech and Chong skit 'up in smoke' and the haircut of Detective Stedenko.

    new year-7.jpg

    Keep safe. I hope that 2021 is better. I doubt that it will be quickly. But towards the end of the year, things may look up. Look forward to your contributions. Regards, Arthur
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  4. Leica M9, Summicron 50mm F2
  5. "Poppy" this past Friday evening, with the Leica Digital CL, 35mm f1.4 Summilux TL and SF60 flash, bounced off a Demb bounce attachment.

    ISO 800, 1/60 second at f2, captured raw and processed to taste in Adobe Camera raw.

  6. Bump ...
    Leica M8
    35mm Asph Summicron
  7. Great shot of the gull, the spread wings are exquisite.
  8. I endorse christpher_a_junker|1's comments. Bravo.

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