W/NW 2020 Pic-O'-The-Week #50

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  1. This week's W/NW starts off with some snaps taken within the last few weeks. Most were taken with my trusty M10-P w/ CV 75mm Heliar Classic f/1.8; B&W conversions are via Nik (Panatomic-X). The second and third pic were taken with my M2 w/ 50mm Collapsible Summicron; film was Arista Ultra 200.

    L1000693P(B&W).jpg 000012430003P2.jpg L1000703P(B&W).jpg 000012430026P.jpg L1000712P(B&W).jpg
  2. Very good shots Billblackwellphotography, particularly the last. The second shows intense granularity - purposeful?. MY shots are again prosaic. At a pub performers performance last Sunday:

    The performer:


    There was dancing (you know the old, hackneyed, joke: 'why are methodists so down on sex? Because it leads to dancing'):


    Some of the other patrons/attendees:

    pub 1.jpg

    pub 1-2.jpg


    It was rollicking fun. All with my monochrom, go to voigtlander 75mm (aka cosina) lens, and failing eyesight (I miss a split center spot). Look forward to other contributions. We've had a covid hotspot on the Northern Sydney beaches these last couple of days, when I last looked, 17 new cases. They are trying to corral it, but already, everyone is staying home. Regards, Arthur
  3. Not really. It's cropped by 50% or more. The film I'm using (Arista Ultra 200) isn't that great to begin with.

    Here's the full image:
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  4. I find my current batch of the EDU 200 film (135-24), exposed @ 125asa, to be very fine grained with Pyrocat HDC. I use 3 ml in my 450 Nikor tank @ 12 minute. Fed-2 / Jupiter-8. Aloha, Bill 2k20-075-021 ces5 bc bm r1k-horz.jpg
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  5. Leica M10 w 35mm Summicron ASPH. In wonderful, lovely, fabulous Ancenis, France. L1002988pnet.jpg
  6. 036a Frasca Summitar f4 1-60.jpg Leica IIIc. Summitar 5 (50 mm) 1/60 at f4. Tri-X 400. D-76 (1:1) 8' 45" at 20ยบC
  7. Franka Solida lens.jpg
    Lens on Franka Solida

    You tell me. Kadlubeks Kamera-Katalog indicates simply an 80mm lens.
  8. ei_20200626_037.jpg
    MP, 35 mm 'cron, Acros.
  9. Last light on the lake. Monochrome conversions of CL files captured with the 18-56mm Vario TL.


  10. For the last several years my taste buds have enjoyed the various sea-food delights 2k20-094-010 ces10 bc bm 4x6.jpg from these people. . . No More ! This is the last offering..... Next week they are starting a Vegan menu . . . ??? Fed-3 / N-61, UFX 100, Pyrocat HDC & V600 scan. Aloha, Bill
  11. M7/35 Summicron


    Hassleblad 503 CW


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